Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend ReCap

The Chasing Fireflies catalogue makes me want to spend a kazillion dollars. I think we totally need these matching family pajamas. HA

 My parents came up for the weekend and we worked HARD on the yard! Mom planned our landscaping and Dad and Erik did wood working to replace the old HVAC Lattice.

 You can see the new fencing and the landscaping better here. 4 gardenia bushes and 5 Nandina! 
 Erik also pulled up all the old brick for the path way to get ready to pave it to match the patio.  This will be his 1st attempt at laying pavers and hopefully  it will be great so that he can do the rest of our plan and save us tons on labor charges!

 To celebrate a weekend full of successful yard work we had a cook out and these little dudes played till they were so tired they were about to explode or fall asleep standing up.
 and thanks to Coco I am trying a new beauty product! Coconut oil for moisturizer, makeup remover and shaving creme.
That is a pretty brief but accurate update! We also went to the Bella Rustica Festival, 2 consignment sales, and ate a bunch of Sushi since my parents now love it, and we nursed this poor sick artist back to health. He has had the croup for a week :(

 The Silver lining of having the croup was that he felt so bad he actually would sit still for longer than 5 minutes so we had our 1st screening of Toy Story and Monsters Inc ( I fast forwarded through the beginning) and he loved them and actually watched pretty much the entire thing!! He also liked the ipad again YAY!

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Stephanie said...

We LOVE coconut oil. That big bottle will last you forever! (Well, it depends on how many uses you can find for it). I use it as lotion on the babies and it's great for dry hands and feet on adults. My friend Noelle mixes hers in her stand-up mixer and adds Vitamin E, then puts in several small pimento jars and gives to friends. Plus, the oil is great to use instead of butter for eggs and pancakes in the skillet. Mom's favorite use is 2 tbsp and dash of sea salt and kale and cook until the kale is wilted/crunchy. Deeee-lish!

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