Monday, August 26, 2013

Sister is 2 Months Old!

We have made it 2 whole months now and everything is still going well! Sister is becoming happier by the week. She is now finally starting to show some smiles and doing some really sweet cooing. She smiles every time I go get her from her crib and all while on the diaper changing table too. Between that and the fact that she let me shop in TJMAXX the other day without having a hissy fit means she must be starting to love me! ha

 She still has her hair and it is still dark! It does seem to be thinner in spots though so not sure if it will fall out and replace or not. I think she is adorable and hilarious in her little Beaufort Bonnet. 

And by the grace of God she is still sleeping all night. Generally from 8:30 pm - 6:30 am.  This is such a game changer! I mean.. I didn't sleep with Fenn for a YEAR after he was born! I think I was still getting up 3 times a night when he was 9 months old,...

She is not as much of a piggy as Fenn was either. She generally spends her days, eating then being awake for about an hour ( on her mat or swing etc) then going back to sleep for an hour the up again and reset! ha She will take longer naps if we are out and about running errands and such but at home she naps an hour and is up an hour. If she is up longer than 1hr. 15mins she gets super fussy and will cry cry.

She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and the same Costco Size1/2 diapers.She is still getting the most beautiful and girly little presents you can imagine.

The Biggest Challenge of Parenting 2 right now:
My boy has had the croup for the past week and wants to be held 24-7 and that has been hard to care for them both at the same time, and I also have been paranoid about her getting it but so far she has not gotten it and we are past the worst of it. She was a good sport and spent lots of time in her swing while I held big bro.

We had her check up for 2 months Check Up and she has a belly button hernia. I thought her belly button was looking weird but he said it can be common since baby stomach muscles are not grown together yet and it would resolve itself. SO for now its just looks kinda like an outie.

Her Stats: 
weight : 13lbs 10oz ( 94%)
Height:   23.5"           (92%)
Head : 15.75"            (94%)


Cary said...

She is BEAUTIFUL Laura!

Anonymous said...

She has a herniated belly button? How adorable!! I had one too - I had surgery around three to correct it. It's an innie now, pre-pregnancy!

She is absolutely adorable. Do little girl clothes look so more precious after having a little boy?

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