Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fenn Turns 3 Years Old!!

I can not believe my boy is  THREE! and what  they say is true, THREE is harder than 2! HA but it is also precious and FUNNY.

Toys He is Currently Into:
- Matchbox Cars/HotWheels ( whatever you call them? He calls them " toy cars" HA) someone gave him some as a big brother gift and he has loved them ever since. My mom also got him an awesome collection off ebay with lots of vintage ones and he loves that they are power trucks, firetrucks , dump trucks etc.

- Balls. He loves all types of balls and daily carries around a box that has about 15 different balls in it.

- Puzzles. He can do 48 pc puzzles by himself now!

His Favorite Books Right Now:
- Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
- Lullaby Little One ( he randomly requested this book that we read to him like 2 years ago, and i had to get it out and now we read it again every night. I wonder if it is because we read it when he was a baby , and now there is a new baby in the house). I am mostly amazed that he remembered it and he remembers every word of it as well because he " reads" it to us!
- Llama Llama Red Pajama ( another throw back)

TV Shows
- Calliou ( which I HATE )
- Driver Dan ( sometimes)
- Sid the Science Kid 
- Baby Einstein ( also making a comeback, maybe b.c of sister) this is also the only thing he will actually sit down to watch. 

He is saying sooooo much these days and I love it. He can say pretty much anything but has been learning some new things ,lots of new phrases and the art of bargaining. 
" Mom, wait thee more minutes", 
" Nooooo, 1, 2, 3 more mom! Three M&M's"(For some reason 3 is always his special number.)
"Mommy put sister in her monkey chair" 
" mommy HERE I AM !" ( as he enters the room etc)

He also has some sass " NO MOM" which I send him straight to time out for, because I hate for a kid to tell me what to do.

He wears mostly 3T/4T stuff these days and shoes are 11.5

He is still very picky, but is getting more adventurous trying stuff he sees us eating. We never push anything or make a big deal out of it and that seems to help him try more if we don't force the issue. We are still at a huge improvement from last year at this time because he can now communicate what he wants and when he is hungry. We can also bargain, if you want that eat this.. 
He must be addicted to chocolate because he will do ANYTHING for chocolate. Haircuts, nail clippings, stitches.. ANYTHING!

Speaking of stitches...

He had his first trip to the Emergency Room right before his 3rd birthday. He fell in the kitchen and cut his chin open, as in there was a hole in his face. Thank GOD Daddy was home, because I was already in a hormonal crying  jag before he fell and afterward I could not pull myself together. That was the 1st time I have ever not been able to control my emotions in front of Fenn. Erik had to take him to the ER because I did not want to try to take care of sister and watch them hold him down and stitch him up at the same time. 
As it turns out, he was the perfect patient, had a great time at the ER ( I packed him a bag of snacks , hotwheels ipad etc) and he only cried on the 5th stitch.
He stopped crying 30 seconds after the fall because we gave him a kit kat... Kids are really amazing.

WE had his 3rd Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese. One day I will have him a really pretty and themed birthday party.. when he can ask for it and appreciate the theme.  For now I took the easy way out, which as it turns out does not equate to the cheap way out! 
I have not been to Chuck E Cheese in one million years and I can tell you it has come a long way. It was very clean, and had tons of new fancy games and such. We had a host for our party who was great and very attentive and the food was great AND they even offer Gfree items so that Aunt Julie could eat there too!
What I did not expect or like at all is that they cram all their tables very close together and start all parties at the same time!? It was ridiculous and I had to constantly watch to make sure no one was stealing purses, or tokens off the table, or trying to open Fenn's gifts, because 2/3 of those things did happen while we were there.  It was MASS CHAOS, which I thought would be Ok because they serve beer and wine there. What I never stopped to consider is that no one has time for cocktails at Chucky Cheese! You are too busy chasing kids around ! Lesson Learned. 

Funny Behaviors: 

- Collecting! He is VERY into collecting odd items. All of our deodorants, hair brushes,  multiples of anything and everything!
- He has been wanting to take odd things to bed with him. One week its a $1 bus from the dollar store and the next week its a can of bubbles and a red balloon?! 
- MISCHIEF! in 30 seconds this kid can create all kinds of chaos. For instance the other morning, all before 9am he had:

  • Poured out all of the dish soap in the kitchen sink when he was " washing dishes" 
  • created paper mache with the paper towels in the kitchen sink the stuffed the down the disposal
  • squeezed out all of his toothpaste in the bathroom sink and was playing in it
  • got ahold of all my consignment sale tags and cut them up with his kid scissors.
( and if you are wondering where I am during this escapades, I am doing something with sister like nursing her or changing her diaper)

Speaking of nursing, Fenn will come over to me while I am nursing sister and put his mouth on my shoulder and start breathing real heavy because that is what he thinks she is doing HA. 
Every now and then he will bring a pacifier I let him play with and his blanket and bear and want to sit in my lap and be babied, which I always do ( trying to keep him from being left out).

I have been writing this for a week and never run out of material so I am just gonna end here and post now. 


The Macons said...

Ok number 1, I seriously teared up at the first pic of him and Erik. That is the sweetest thing on earth. 2, stiches, YUCK! God I do not look forward to that day. 3, I see you standing next to chucky up there in your neon dress and girl, you looking hawt! Love yall!

Cary said...

I cannot believe that child is three already!! Happy, happy birthday Fenn! That is funny about the number 3 - it is also Scarlet's favorite. "just 3 more minutes Nonnie" being the most common used. Also, her elf that visited during Christmas? Well, she named him "nothin three dollars"!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!! Happiest of birthdays, Fenn!

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