Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anna Clarke is 6 Weeks Old!

La Princessa is 6 weeks old today, and is no longer so high maintenance so we now call her " sister ". Things have REALLY improved over the last few weeks and I left everyone hanging with our stomach issues so lets start there! 

I discussed HERE about how she was diagnosed with an allergy/sensitivity of some sort which was likely dairy, and how that was making her super fussy. This is such a long story so I am gonna make it as short as possible.
I tried dairy free for several weeks and was miserable by the restrictions on food and starving and she was not improving any, I even had her diaper tested again and blood was still present. I then contemplated formula, my pediatrician gave us some samples of nutramagin and suggested that I  try that and see if she acted better but continued pumping so that my milk supply would not be damaged incase I chose to stick with breastfeeding. 
( Let me say that I have NO judgement on how anyone feeds their child breast or formula etc. Every situation/child is so unique and requires different choices so I am only speaking about MY feelings and experiences for MY children. I don't want to offend anyone, and I also don't want to hear anyone's crap in the comments. Please and thank you.)

So anyway. I have lots of food hoodoo as it is and trying formula is way against my personal belief system, but I was so desperate to help her and feel less crazy that I did try it, and it did help, but I was still a mental case because of how much I wanted to stick with breastfeeding, so then I was researching all over the web about this situation of allergies and 40% of infants have this diagnosis which really caught my eye, and I had tons of people reach out to me with their own experiences, diet recommendations, Dr. Referrals, alternative health methods TONS of stuff and you guys are all awesome and I basically tried everything everyone told me. 

What ended up working for us ( HUGE shout out to Sarah Macon) was probiotic drops. The used to be called bio Gaia but the following for them is so huge that Gerber bought them out in June 2013 and now called them Gerber Soothe Colic Drops. They can be purchased at Wal-greens. So while on the formula I gave her these drops every day for about 3 days then went back to exclusive breast feeding and we have been fine ever since. No more gas, screaming, poor sleeping, weird poops, etc.  I am ever thankful that we tried them and that we have such great friends to give us all the advice, suggestions, support etc. Sister is a new lady after that!

So back to sister:

Not a great napper during the day thanks to brother, but when he is out for the day she sleeps for 3 hours at a time.
Night time she goes to bed at 9pm and just this week started sleeping for 6 hours so waking at 3 or 3:30 am then back down till 7 or 8 am depending on how loud brother is. 
at 6 Weeks 1 Day she had her first SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!  9:30pm - 6:30 am which is odd and probably a fluke! She is too young for that I think!
I have just started putting her in her crib awake when she is tired and she is learning to fall asleep on her own, and is about 60% successful with that. Sometimes I have to go back in and rock her a minute or 2 or nurser her then try again but I am so proud of her for picking that up quickly. She is a fussy bunny when tired and a nightmare if OVER tired because of how she fights sleep so working this little system out has made everyone much happier.

Feeding : 
I try to make sure that I give her at least one bottle a day so that she will know what it is and how to take it so that I can leave her with someone when needed. Some friends in Birmingham gifted me with this awesome Buy Buy Baby Gift card and I got the Kiinde Twist breast milk organizing/feeding system and I love it. I really love their bottles. 
It also gave me the idea to freeze my stored milk while lying flat so it takes up less room ( see below)

Size : 13lbs and 2 oz . Still wearing the Costco Size 1/2 diapers ( btw if you have a Costco membership and are not buying your diapers there, you are seriously missing out!) , Anyway, the next box I buy will be size 3 because these are often coming un fastened on her thick little waist. I may be able to use my cloth diapers sooner due to her size. We shall see. 

  Mrs. Jill  (a family friend) MADE this dress for her! Can you believe that? If I had her talents you guys would never stop seeing pics of all the things I made! ha 
Thanks Mrs. Jill!

Fun Fact : Sister has the same car seat as the royal baby! Guess she is a princessa after all! 

Most Challenging Thing about Being a Mother of 2 Right Now:
I have to say things have gotten much easier. When I first brought AC home from the hospital I was so overwhelmed with the thoughts of how the heck I could manage 2 kids, and I was skerred! But after 3 weeks Fenn settled down a good bit, and we are kind of finding a rhythm.   I don't even feel too sleep deprived, but  I stay SUPER busy. I basically have no time for myself, except for about 45 minutes before I go to bed, and for me that is hard because I have lots of hobbies and things I want to get done. In time I will carve out some " me" time when Fenn starts his Mother's Day Out. I have been taking him to a drop in childcare place some ( which he LOVES) and gives me a chance to get some house work done or run errands with only one child to get in and out of the car. 
I take a lot of short cuts right now, and try not to set the bar too high because at the end of the day I want to have enjoyed my time with my young children instead of being frustrated over it not being picture perfect every day. So some days my only goal might be to get supper cooked. Things like that, and when it doesn't happen I just suck it up and order take out.

Anyway, so far life with 2 is good! I still can not believe we have TWO kids. 


Linzy said...

Yay!! You are a super mom! I'm so glad you got her tum tum issues figured out and everything is better. :)

The Macons said...

Love this! Glad ya'll are settling into a rhythm over there!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ calling her sister now. :) Ugh, those first 6 weeks are killer. I'm glad you were able to sort things out to enjoy BFing again!

melissa said...

I'm so glad you found something to help her out! She sure is beautiful!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thank you for sharing this!! We've been having terrible gas/fussiness issues with my third baby. He tested negative for allergies, but is very sensitive to milk protein right now. I never dealt with this with my older two. Our pediatrician had me put him on Nutramigen while I work to get dairy out of my system for the next week or so. It's awful and expensive too, so I am hoping we can go back to breastmilk asap. I am heading out to Walgreens this afternoon to pick up some of the Soothe and hope it does the trick! He still seems uncomfortable, even on the Nutramigen. Anyways, wanted to say thanks for sharing, even if this is an older post. :)

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