Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Little of This and A Little of That..

We have been quite busy over the end of Summer! Here are a few recaps:

We spent some time at the "beachy ocean" aka Orange Beach ! It was awesome. We also had family pictures made while we were there and I can not wait to see them!
 Driving the boat with PawPaw
 On the way home we stopped in Monroeville for my Nonnie's 80th Birthday Party. I always have to remind myself she is actually 80 cause you sure can't tell it either in looks or spunk! Her party was beautiful and it was fun visiting with everyone. 
(pic below is me, momma, Nonie, my Aunt CC, cousin Anna Catherine)
 Sister turned 8 weeks old!  She has gone from the hardest baby ever to the easiest baby ever! I can not believe the changes that have taken place and am so thankful for them. I am sure it's due to all the prayer from everyone over those 1st few tough weeks! #appreciateit

This little guy... Ohhhh he has my whole heart! Something about this age is so precious, and funny and maddening. The amount of love I have for him is terrifying!  He has changed SO much lately and is talking and saying everything and anything. Like his momma, he hates being bored so I have to keep him busy all day. He still loves his sister, and I am expecting that to continue until she can move around and mess with his stuff. Lately he wants to poke her in her huge little cheeks all the time.  
He is very bossy in his play telling me what to do and how to do it. He also seems to be trying to drop his nap, so I let him have 2 hours of quiet time in his room. So far, so good. 
 ANd in our big news.. we have a major project going in the back yard! Phase 1 of the new patio/yard design. When it is all done I will post before & after pics with progression pics but for now.. here are pics in its current state. It will be primed and ready for football season and outdoor porch parties! I can't wait! 

Thanks to Natasha from Hello Happiness talked about this recipe for Honey Lime Enchiladas the other day and I cooked those tonight. They are fab! A nice new take on mexican food from home. Recipe HERE if you wanna give it a go. I also made some Cilantro Lime Rice to go with. 

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