Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Neat App for Printing Iphone Pictures!


I don't know about you guys, but the majority of our life/memories are on my iphone. It is just too handy to capture those moments. Erik and I both worry sometimes though that we don't have enough paper pictures, and that our kids might really want those one day. 
The problem is, somehow I just never get around to getting them printed. Some genius woman ( of coarse a woman thought of this!!) came up with an app that will load your iphone pics and deliver them to you each month, in a book where you can pull them out for scrapbooking etc or keep them in those books for easy organization and storage. I LOVE this idea, and it's so cheap! 
How much you ask? $3 a month for 100 pictures!

Notice the Date/Location printed on the tab of each pic:

 Here is what the book looks like!

You can watch a Demo Video Here:

If you wanna give it a try you can Click Here to sign up and get the Free app
If you use the Promo Code: iGROOVE you will get your 1st one free which is a great way to test it out!

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