Monday, July 1, 2013

Postpartum "Leftovers" Week 1

A little late in getting this posted but... priorities and all...

My recovery has been so much better this time around! I was feeling pretty great until my hormones went crazy. I have terrible night sweats and bouts of crying over anxiety with the kids.. silly things but it still brings me to tears. For instance, today I tried to let Fenn watch Monsters, Inc. the Disney movie because I thought it would be fun and lots of his peers are into it, and he told me about 3 minutes into it " Turn it off mommy" in a sad little voice and hid his head behind a blanket. He was so serious and still for about 5 minutes afterward and it just broke my heart that I had scared him with a stupid cartoon movie! Arghhh.


Week one didn't make much progress on the ole bod. I lost about 15 lbs and still have about 21 left to lose. Belly still pretty round :( and boobs are huge compared to normal. The good news is big ole boobs even out the big ole belly and give me some definition in the waist area.

I had 2 people ask me when I was due this week ( baby was with my mom and Fenn was with me in the store).. so that was fun. I purchased some shape wear but it didn't make a huge difference and I don't know that I am that dedicated to the cause..  I don't really remember this part of life after Fenn, and I attribute that to being in so much pain and so sleep deprived it was not important how I looked then. 

So I have been on the look out for dresses or clothes that fit my new chest size and make it easy to breast feed and hopefully hide the leftovers.. and that has been a challenge, and this has been the WORST month for our budget since I started in January. I realize that when you don't like the way you look, it is easy to spend tons of money trying to fix it. HA  This month I have decided to extend myself a little grace and focus on things that are more important than the way I look or my clothes, like getting 2 kids on schedule! ha  Wish me luck. More on that later.

A Big thanks to everyone who has brought us dinner and/or baby gifts and big brother gifts. Y'all are so thoughtful and sweet! Fenn of course has really enjoyed the attention and package openings! 


Erin said...

Laura, you look amaaaazing! Seriously! Some girls would die for your figure after 2 kids! yay! Great job : )

The Macons said...

Precious girl, you look stunning! I'm sure it will take some adjusting but you'll be back to your old self in no time! Love yall!

brooke said...

you look great! hang in there girly, you got this.

thanks for sharing, know it's hard but interesting and like to see how you're doing.


Susannah said...

Um, I look like that and my second kid is two! Ha! You will Rock it back soon! And that dress looks great! Missing y'all! When's the fam leaving?

Marion said...

Yoga pants and baby doll tops, tunics or button downs! You look great. The rest will come off in a flash.

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