Monday, July 15, 2013

Items I am loving Post baby

First up is the sleep cami's and even the pajamas in cool nights fabric from Soma. I think I am not old enough to shop in Soma, but I love everything they have. I get terrible night sweats the first few weeks after birth and these soft moisture wicking pajamas are so helpful and the sleep cami's are perfect for nigh nursing.

Total Baby iPhone App. Simply the BEST app. I used this with Fenn and am so thrilled to see the updates they have added since then like a log for pumping breast milk., where you can mark where it is stored and delete when it gets used so you will always have an idea of how much you have on hand. It also records diapers, sleeps, nursing, doctor trips, vaccines, anything you can think of! oh and the charts and graphs...  and backing up to a server AND sharing info via wifi sync with your partners phone. AWESOME.

Pottery Barn Kids Diaper Basket. 
I regret never buying this with Fenn because it keeps all the essentials organized and is easy to tote all around the house. We never just stay in the nursery so this makes things much easier.  Note: it does not come monogrammed saying " Diapers" ha I totally thought it did and was disappointed when it was plain  lol.

Leading Lady Nursing Bras
I never bought good nursing bras with Fenn either and now know how worth it they are and this is my favorite one because of its comfort ( no underwire), soft fabric and built in pads that prevent leaks onto your clothes. Nothing says sexy like leaking breast milk.....

Kardashian Style Pajamas from Target. As I mentioned before, I am living in pajamas these days, and I love this style that reminds me of what Kourtney Kardashian is always wearing in the show.  I have these from Target and I love the print. 

Nursing Mommas, I really liked this brand of nipple salve, as opposed to lanolin for lots of reasons. Bamboo washable nursing pads are also awesome.

Love these babydoll style work out tops from Target!

The Moms on Call Book and App. My girlfriend Emily tried to get me on board with this when Fenn was 3 mos old and I was too stubborn to listen, but now I know better! HA The book has really great basic advice and I love that it is broken down into sections so you can just reference the question you may have like " Reflux" etc. Also MOC is the only resource I have found for helping create a schedule for more than one kid. 


Cary said...

Love the new iGriza look!! Guess you didn't realize it, but it is a written rule in BloggerWorld, ALL BLOGS MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE PICTURE OF BLOGGERS CHILD/CHILDREN! Learn something new every day, don't ya! :-)

melissa said...

My favorite nursing bra looks identical to the one you posted but I bought it at Target for under $20! If you're in the market for more, give it a try!

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