Monday, July 8, 2013

Anna Clarke is 2 Weeks Old!

Our little princessa is 2 weeks old already!  I forgot  how quickly these 1st few weeks fly by!
Here are her stats:

Weight: 10lbs 2oz ( 94%)
Height : 22"   (99%)
Head: 14.57  (93%)

Diaper Size : 1 ( I will start using our cloth diapers around 3 months, depending on her size) and let me just say that I LOVE the Costco diapers! They have the indicator strip just like the pampers that I loved so much but are MUCH cheaper and come in boxes of 132!

Clothing Size : Mostly 0-3 months. 6 months in some things like RL or Kissy Kissy.

Sleeping : We started off great with only getting up twice to nurse at night , generally around 2am, and 6 am, but that all changed when she starting having tummy issues. Last night I got up with her every 2 hours.

She has been less happy than baby Fenn was, which I expected because he was the fattest, happiest baby ever, but after a while, she seemed like she was in pain, scrunching up and her face would turn red. she would be asleep and do that and cry out and wake up and she was hard to get back down after nursing most every time.. Just overall something seemed not right and I was expecting it to be reflux but at her 2 week appointment I asked them to scan her ( poop) diaper and check for allergies since we were there, and it was actually positive for blood in her stool which is generally caused by an allergy to dairy/soy in my breast milk. 
I eat very little dairy as is because I think I am lactose intolerant but certain things don't make me sick like cheese and butter, but with her it is not lactose but actually a protein that she is sensitive to, so anything with milk in it period has to be cut from my diet.
Kinda depressing, no more Fudge Rounds etc... 

On the up side I guess I will be super healthy and lose weight faster..  In the mean time I have realized that work out clothes are the perfect post baby uniform! Where else can you find socially acceptable elastic waist bands and tshirts/tanks?

Big Brother :
 He is still doing well over all. He only had 2 accidents in his unders since she was born and they were both in week one, ,,,So I think we might be safe on potty regression. He loves her a little too much IMO and tries to kiss her and get on her constantly and is too rough. He also tries to make sure she is not stealing his spot light. It is sweet that he loves her and wants to kiss her but I kinda wish he was ignoring her right now, and it does make my momma heart sad to see him act out because of the big change.
He has picked up some new behaviors like screaming as loud as he can, for fun...  not minding, asking me to play with him ALL.DAY.LONG. and he used to be the most independent player ever, and he now will say " mommy turn" when he wants me to do something like read his bedtime stories instead of Erik or my mom etc generally because he sees me with the baby.

Biggest Challenge of Parenting 2 so far:
All of the above. The newborn stuff is pretty breezy this time around, even with a baby who never wants to be put down, but managing my older boy and keeping him entertained is the hardest part of the equation right now.

And even on my hardest day/moment I remind myself how BLESSED we are to have these 2 healthy, lively perfect children. I thank God every day for that.


Courtney said...

They are both so precious! Glad you got the allergy thing figured out. Hope she gets back to sleeping better soon.

Cary said...

And what precious angels you have! Could Anna Clarke also have a gas problem? Might try some mylacon (sp?) drops and see if that would help?
Can't wait to see y'all! Hugs, Cary

melissa said...

Precious girl! She is too cute! And Fenn is such a proud big brother in those pictures! Glad that he loves her - if a bit too aggressively! :)

Erin said...

Anna Clarke is so beautiful!!! I know Peebs is happy to have a little sister! Ya'll are so blessed <3 Love you! : )

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