Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anna Clarke 3 Weeks : Reflux, Gas, and Milk Allergy YIKES.

Anna Clarke is 3 weeks Old now and I am starting to crack her code. She is a tough little cookie who takes more work than Fenn ever did.  She continues to be as different as possible from her bro just like her pregnancy was! 
 She does not like the swing, or the bouncy seat, or basically anything that is not a warm human body. I attribute this to her stomach issues because she likes being upright. My KKG lil Sis recommended on facebook that I start wearing her to free up my hands some and that was a great idea. I bought a Moby wrap for Fenn but he was always too big and heavy to wear. She LOVES it and generally goes right to sleep when I put her in it, and it allows me to use my hands for fixing dinner for Fenn and stuff like that. She is strapped in there now as I type this!

She seems to slowly be getting better with her tummy issues. Much less miserable looking faces but she does have some reflux that bothers her. She is finally getting to where she will sleep for longer periods and where I can ( sometimes) put her down for a few minutes without her crying. Today, for the 1st time EVER she fell asleep in her bouncy chair, and that my friends was huge! 

** Here is a pic of her sad and covered in spit up. It soaked her outfit and made her eyes water :( **

I have been trying Gripe Water, Gas Drops, and " Tummy Calm" which are all little drops that you give infants to help with gas issues. All are natural except for the gas drops. I can not really tell that they make too much of a difference right now, but if any of them are working it is the " Tummy Calm" ones from Walgreens. ( word to the wise, these are half the price if you order from Amazon rather than buy in Walgreens)

The no Dairy diet is slowly getting better, but mostly diets are torture. Thankfully Jessica Rigby sent me a dairy free cookbook tat she had used  and it is awesome. It covers ever aspect of no dairy diet that you need, like what it is, why and then some store bought snacks you can eat as well as recipes in every section from soups to desserts. I have been surviving off their brownie cookies made with ( of all things) avocado and their fake pizza made with a tofu pate. Hungry yet? HA 

FYI: Clif Bars are dairy free, Chicken Salad from Panera Bread, and a few dishes from Pei Wei and most asian foods are OK! 
THIS is a great article on why we should not eat dairy ( if you are interested) kind of ironic since I just finished an ad campaign for MILK that I had to post on Facebook several times. :) I think I started seeing a difference in AC around 8-10 days of no dairy in my diet. I will likely do a blog post on this by itself because their are so many foods to cover just incase anyone else has to join in this misery.

I still have a really hard time understanding how a person with a brand new digestive system who eats nature's most perfect food could have issues like this..

Also, I don't think I have mentioned before but I get D-MER when breastfeeding. I had it with Fenn too and never knew it was an actual condition, just thought it was my hormones acting crazy. I found this when researching reflux!  It is oddly comforting to understand the WHY this happens now,and what is really interesting is that it is so much worse when I am out without the baby. I guess that is nature's way of keeping moms close to their offspring! It comes on very quickly and stops as soon as the milk lets down.

And I still have not done a post on her nursery because I cant find the flash for my camera. RAH. But until then here is an iphone quick pic:
When Fenn was born I chose a frog as his little animal and ironically he got lots of frog tyep stuff, and with her, I chose a bunny rabbit and the same thing happened! She has gotten bunny animals and lovies   etc as gifts just as a coincidence! 


Courtney said...

That pic of her eyes watering breaks my heart! Sweet thang. I hope she feels better. Glad she liked the Moby. Hunter did too. She didn't have painful reflux, but she spit up like a fountain for MONTHS. Keeping her upright did seem to help. If I find any dairy free recipes I will pass along!!

the workaholic momma said...

The pic of Anna Clarke with her eyes watering just breaks my heart:(...and I can totally relate to the spit-up soaked clothing:( I feel like I am constantly changing Kate and doing laundry because of the reflux. I've heard good things about the tummy calm and colic calm...I do feel like things started getting a little better with Kate about a week ago (when she hit 6 weeks)...so hopefully you'll see some improvement with each passing week:)

Hope you're having a good week!!!

David & Emily Steele said...

She is gorgeous!

William has horrible reflux and I've had to cut out dairy and soy. The soy seems to bother him much more than dairy... volumes of spit-up when I was eating soy (and the few times since the diagnosis of a soy intolerance that I've accidentally eaten soy).

It will get easier, but two kids is way more than double the work of one kid :)

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