Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tip Tuesday: WWDC 2013


The WWDC was yesterday and you can watch the Keynote here:

Lots of things were announced, changes and updates.. but the new operating system ( ios7) for the iPhone/ipads is super fun. For full details and demos watch the key note but the highlights are:

- Beautiful new look! Pretty new Icons. Lots of graphic design changes that are very clean, crisp, and hip. I dig it!

- Control Center ( swipe bottom to top to access common features like brightness control) . This is LONG OVER DUE! Very exciting to me.

- Camera updates.. , swiping , filters, photo organization. Lots of the changes remind me of instagram!

- Siri Updates - She can do more and you can also change the voice to a man's if you prefer.

- ios in the car _ this is pretty rad! Lots of cars will be sporting iOS in the dash in 2014. Full list of companies is on the website but all the usual suspects are there. I love this feature.

- app store updates apps automatically ! Can I get a Hallelujah? 

All this will be available sometime in the Fall.

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