Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Difference Between My 1st & 2nd Pregnancies

I have been meaning to write this forever and kept forgetting but I feel like the 2 experiences were so different it was worth noting.

1. The 2nd time around went by MUCH faster. MUCH. And I am thankful for that as I am not a person who loves being pregnant. 

2. This time I had terrible morning sickness in the 1st trimester. I attribute that to having a girl this time but who knows.

3. I showed much sooner, but never got as big as I did with Fenn, and my shape was cuter this time around. Not sure if that is the difference between a boy and girl bump, or just life. With 1st pregnancy I had lots of time to lie around, and this time that was certainly not the case. I was all over the place with my boy and up and down in the floor with him and carrying him which I think is like working out.

4. Less Symptomatic : Lots of things that I had the 1st time around, like raging emotional crying jags and painful round ligament pains did not happen this time.Maybe it was less of a shock to my body since I had done it before? I also had bad leg cramps at night with Peebs and just all sorts of random issues. This time I was basically normal until about 20 weeks when I started popping and having sleep issues.

5. More anxious/appreciative.. The 1st time around I did not know the love of a parent/child and now that I do, It made me so much more nervous for a healthy baby and so much more excited to have her. I can not wait to have a squishy baby again, and do all that baby stuff, and just see who she is and what she is like because Fenn has blown me away with what he is like.. I am so curious what a girl will be like.

6. Less nervous about so many parenting things, like sleep training, breast feeding, if the baby gets sick. In fact I am super pumped about the experience I have now and learning from it on the 2nd time around.

35 Weeks with Anna Clarke
 31 Weeks with Fenn

7. Pictures.. looking back at all peebs baby pictures makes me regret letting him wear so many tacky things, especially pajamas. At the time I didn't think it mattered since no one saw outside of home, but now I realize that is when lots of pictures are taken and frozen in time forever are the bad outfit choices. HA.  I also changed up how I backup all of my pictures, notes and videos as I lost some of that from peebs days.

8. Oh and I forgot to mention that all my clothes from the 1st time around were basically useless this time, even though I was pregnant at almost the same time. Either things were outdated or just did not fit the new shape I had with this pregnancy. I also made more of an effort to less tired and cranky this time around. I shopped smarted this time for outfits and skipped lots of things like a pregnancy pillow.

9. Sick! Having a child already means germs frequenting the house. I am rarely ever sick in my normal life because I have a pretty healthy immune system, and was never sick when I was pregnant with Fenn, but this pregnancy I have had 4 colds! Not fun!

So that is that. Today is my last day of this pregnancy as I am going in at 7pm to get induced. I am so ready to have this baby and snuggle her up, and be able to move around again and keep up with my precious son. I can barely hold or snuggle him with this big belly ( not that that would stop him from pouncing on it). 
After 3 years of peebs, I now know what to expect, which makes having a baby so much more exciting cause I know all the fun things in store.

We shall see in a few weeks if I can handle 2 kids all day every day! ha 


Cary said...

I cannot believe you are having Anna Clarke tonight!! WOW! Time really has flown this time! Good luck sweet angel and I cannot wait to see this angel! Post pics ASAP please!! Love you tons!!

Anonymous said...

I love these posts - I feel like I have NO idea WTF is about to happen and I Like your comparisons between Fenn and Anna!

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