Friday, June 14, 2013

Potty Training : We did it!

This whole post is dedicated to Potty Training because it was such a mystery to me before we started and I always wanted to hear stories from others who did it, and I want to be able to remember this in the future for our other children.  So skip this if you are gonna be annoyed or offended by potty talk and pictures!

Probably 2 important points to make :
1.) I would have never started if CB had not encouraged me. I didn't think he was "ready".
2.) It was not near as scary and horrible as I had pictured. I don't know if it was just perfect timing or maybe Fenn was giving me a break because he is so difficult in other areas or maybe God was doing me a solid? Anyway, my point is try to be open minded because you might be surprised!

I kept a very detailed diary of all this in Evernote but the highlights are this:
  • He has been TT in potty every night before bed with his daddy since December 2nd. Lula suggested to me that we start that because" little boys do what their daddy do". One day I will do a vlog and interview her on potty training because her take on it was hilarious. Anyway, she was right , it worked.
  • I bribed him with chocolate to go #2. Cadburry eggs to be exact which was both brilliant and stupid.  Brilliant in that it worked and stupid in that they are a seasonal candy that I didn't stock up on! M&Ms were for successful TT. Eventually praise was enough and he stopped asking for a treat, except every now and then.
  • One of his therapists suggested to put him on the toilet backwards so that he would not be distracted by falling in and it worked like a charm! I highly recommend this to other mommas.
  • Tacky Character underwears. Right of passage right? well it would help if he knew who the dang characters were! So think about that ahead of time before starting. Also? Underwears are expensive, and in the beginning you need like a million pair for all the accidents! Costco has the best buy ( 8 pairs for $8) .
  • Pull-ups are a waste of time. They do not help in PT in my opinion. He has been wearing them for a year because he was too big to wear normal diapers, but when it was PT time, I think you gotta go all in and either be naked or in unders so they can see what it feels like to be wet. Also, I think pull up's kind of send a silent message about your expectations, because when we stopped using them at naptime and night time, he stopped peeing his pants.
  • I put him in underwear most every day all day except at naptime and night time. Then one day about 3 weeks into it at bedtime he told me " no diaper momma, underwear's" and I told him that means you can't TT unless you get up and go to the potty, and that was that. So he for about 2 weeks now has been in unders at night and naptime, without problems except for 3 accidents that were all back to back. No idea why, and I never made any commentary I just changed him and put him back to bed. He often times wakes up at 1am hollering to me that he needs to TT potty 
  • I made stickers for him to wear when we are out and about or he went to school that said " I AM WEARING UNDERWEAR" because I found it helpful if others knew what to expect as well.
  • Initially I would ask him every hour to go TT and he would be uninterested unless I said " Wanna go TT potty and get some M&Ms" and he would run off and go.  Once that got started, I did not have to ask him much but would just take him in there before we left to go somewhere or something like that, and after that I stopped talking about it at all because he seemed to do much worse when I hounded him, but when I acted like I didn't care, he was very good at taking himself. He can now go much longer than 1 hour at a time. 
  • We only drink liquids with meals and I am sure that helps.
  • Oh and we never used a plastic potty, just started out on the big potty with a stool. not sure that mattered at all but it was a question I had when we started the process so thought I would notate.

I wrote all of that in April, and now in June he has made great progress. An accident here or there but never at night time, just when busy playing and I never say much about it. He rarely asks for potty treats anymore but if he does you better bet I will give them to him because I am nervous about regression when his sister arrives!

I have noticed that as time went on he can def hold it much longer and its not as " urgent" that we rush right away to the potty. He also rarely wakes up at night requesting to go anymore.

Funny thing about little boys is they can go ANYWHERE, and they will. He has "watered" many a parking lot, and also put on a show in the center of a public playground one day because he was so proud of going ( we poured on the praise) ha... and I am sure I should have been embarrassed but I was actually very proud and also laughing so hard I could barely walk to get to him to address the situation.

and yes, I posted pics of my cute toddler on the potty, and no I don't care if you think it is OK or not. Somebody somewhere always has an opinion about this stuff, but I am not interested in hearing it because this is my blog/child  and "I do what I want"! #sorrynotsorry #toopregnanttosugarcoat


The Macons said...

Love love it! Yay Fenn!! Doesn't it make you so proud?! And that cute little dimpled butt standing up! (Girls are even easier)!

Susannah said...

Yay peebles!! So proud!! Xoxo

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Yay!!! Huge huge milestone!

Anna said...

You are such a great mama!! Thank you for all of this info. I think I'm PTing the twins next week since school is out for the week. It should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I'm currently trying to get my son potty trained, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sit on the toilet back ward pictures! I need to try this with my little man.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this now I have downloaded it to my pedophile harddrive and distributing it to all my child preditor friends

Anonymous said...

Can I put my dick in her ass

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