Monday, June 10, 2013

Fenn's Big Boy Room

So my family was here this weekend!  My mom has been here for a week ( God BLESS HER SOUL) to save me from being stomped to death by my energetic toddler wildebeast, and then CC and Nonie came up on Friday to dig me out from under the ever growing " To do before baby" list. They did some phenomenal work, and they cooked, and cleaned and in general totally babied me and I can't even begin to talk about how awesome that was I may or may not have hidden in the garage and cried when they left.

Anyway, Fenn is now well from this 5ths and Ear Infection PTL, and some major stuff got done around here! First up was finishing Fenn's "Big Boy Room".

This is what his big boy room looked like before we bought the house:

There was an in between phase but I can not find it on camera anywhere. So this is what it looked like when they arrived. We are having some major issues with his bed because it is an antique 3/4 bed and we have double sized mattresses on it so its way too tight and tall. Erik built a custom box spring to alleviate part of that problem.

Then they rearranged the room, painted his night stands red, got new lamps:

and hung his tent.  My mom had seen these reclaimed wood art pieces in PBK and made Erik a plan to knock them off and he did an amazing job! Fenn loves ocean creatures and truth be told, I love patriotic colors so that is how he is room came to be sort of nautical. Not pictured are his PBK ocean creature sheets which he loves.
He was also quite enamored with the fact that his daddy made that big whale and still talks about that a lot and reads his initials off the other piece " epps, G!!, S!!"

 Next mom had Erik build these little floating shelves like the ones in PBK. I have wanted some of these forever to house all his bajillion books and also to display them because most are ocean themed, and then on holidays I put Holiday Themed books in there.

Next she had Erik make this little step stool so he can get in his bed easier. I plan to put a vinyl name sticker on there. ( this is also a PBK knockoff.)

I really wish I had some special talent for taking beautiful pictures, but alas I DO NOT. I think I may never take a decent picture in my whole life! grrrr


Tenille Gates said...

so cute! Good job :0)

The Macons said...

Looks awesome! I can't wait for the new baby reveal!! :)

melissa said...

I love, love, love it! It looks so good! So many unique touches. The wood whale is awesome - and even more so because his daddy made it!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I absolutely love it! It's adorable and personal and just so cute and happy! And classic! I really love it!

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