Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks!

Today I am 38 Weeks and am expecting baby Anna Clarke any minute/time/day now!

I had a exciting little update planned for the blog today about all that and even put on full makeup and fixed my hair for the pictures... but then some lunatic lady rammed her car into mine in a parking lot and I cried/sweated all the effort away and now this is the best I got.

But, let's just take a minute to discuss this situation shall we?

There are 2 things in this picture worth noting. One is her HEINOUS outfit which speaks to her mental state IMO. The other is SHE IS  PARKED IN A HANDICAP SPOT and NOT HANDICAPPED.
This has long been a pet peeve of mine because it says so much about the laziness and self centeredness of our society.  
So, she backed out of her illegal parking spot ( FAST) without even looking in a parking lot full of children, didn't scratch her car, smashed mine up awesome and her 1st action? 
Was to call whomever she was late meeting up with to let them know she would be late?!  

She never said sorry or asked if I was OK since I am 9 mos pregnant. 
In fact I am not sure she ever got off the phone the whole time. I know she never bothered to look before driving because there was no way to miss the fact that I was directly behind her.
So I asked her if she was handicapped and she was all OFFENDED that I would ask such a thing because " everyone does it, she was just dropping off her child etc" she went  on and on about that little tidbit.
What I can't understand is , HOW can someone with no physical problems justify taking a space right next to any building when someone who has a broken leg or a mom with 3 kids to wrangle or me who is 9 months pregnant and can barely walk, leaves those spaces open for people who REALLY need them? and then not even be embarrassed/ashamed at the selfishness when called on it?
I am pretty enraged if you can't tell! But I am super thankful that no children were hit because they are always walking behind parked cars on their way into school. 

and... Onto the pregnancy situation:

Monday Doctor appointment was encouraging! He said I was READY! dilated to a 2 , effaced and baby way down. He said he expects me to have a short quick labor to not bother timing contractions, that if I thought I was in labor head to the hospital. I hope he is right! 

We had an ultrasound to check the size of the baby and she is 8lbs and 8oz and LONG... she seems super long to me based on the shape of my belly and watching it move when she does. She was measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and has legs so long they are > 95%! All in all she looked pretty juicy to me and I thought it was perfect because she was neither TOO big or too skinny. I love a good fat baby so I hope she has some pudge and I think she can deliver that!

Weight: + about 40lbs give or take a watermelon. I have reached the point where my knees are hurting now.
Waist: + 13 inches. The dropping of my belly kind of thew off my measurements.

Anxiety : Starting to have some anxiety this week over all kinds of things, but mostly the timing. Will it be at night? Will Erik be at work? Where will Fenn Go? Will my momma get here in time .. stuff like that and although I have declined induction several times... I am thinking about re-evaluating things now. The wreck this morning and the timing issues.. 

also started retaining some water this week. 

So.. regardless of all of that I do plan to document the after pregnancy body again a.k.a. my " LEFTOVERS"  like I did last time. 
You can see those posts here:

I remember how SHOCKED I was after having Fenn that the belly was still there when he came out! ha Whew! So I documented the details for my friends who did not know all that stuff yet either. It was very entertaining and def. got lots of hits on the www. HA

So that is all I got for today! 


Shannon Naftel said...

First of all, LOVE your new logo. It fits you and your little family so well!

Second of all, I want to say how proud I am of you for not losing it on that lady. Most 9 month pregnant women would have come unglued. Way to keep it in check.

You look beautiful as always and I love your bump :)

Erin said...

Love you, Laura! That lady is whack! Can't believe she didn't even say she was sorry! What a major B! Can't wait to see your new beautiful babygirl! Loves!

The Macons said...

Oh OH OH!!! Just saw the new header! Perf. Second, that lady. What the what.
Third, you are gonna have a newbie soon! Can't WAIT to come help and cook for yall!

Susannah said...

Love the new header! And I would have gone ape shit on that crazy lady?!? What in the world??? Is your new car torn up? Also, cannot wait to see juicy AC!! So soon! I love y'all!!

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