Monday, June 24, 2013

Anna Clarke's Birth Story

After much debate, I scheduled an induction for AC for the 20th and had to check in the night before at 7pm. It allowed all of my family to plan and drive up and get Fenn situated. Here is our last picture as a family of 3. He was not sad about is leaving since all his favorite ladies (Mom, Aunt CC, and Nonie) were here. 

Bye Bye Bump! I was almost sad to say goodbye to it, until I remembered how it would feel to wear real clothes again, and sleep, and be able to walk and bend over easily! ha

Nothing about this labor was similar to Fenn's birth and that really shocked me. I guess I had not thought too much about it but i just assumed it would be the same!

And as it turns out, I was already in labor when I got there. Dilated to a 4 and contractions every 3 minutes or so. I was not in any unusual pain since I had lots of contractions throughout this pregnancy, and was surprised to hear that.  They decided to call my doctor and hold off on pitocin until talk to him, and he advised to wait, and for me to go ahead and get epidural since I was progressing quickly and they would start pitocin when he arrived.  ( I thought the fact that he was going to come to the hospital right away, instead of when I was ready to push was VERY nice. (My previous OB made me sit and wait 20 minutes before he arrived for pushing and that was quite painful.)

SO I got the epidural, and I was scared since I was not in pain yet! With Fenn I had back labor and was in pain and not scared at all for that epidural. Unfortunately, the girl who did mine did not do a great job with her aim and I ended up only numb on one side of my body, which was crazy, and as my labor progressed, I was definitely feeling lots of pain on the side was not numb. In retrospect, I knew when she put it in it was too much to the right, but I assumed she would know better than me and didn't speak up. Lesson learned.

I had excellent nurses this time that were fun to be around and distracted me when I needed it! Things went by rather quickly and when it as time to push, not to be too graphic but she was like a freight train and there was not stopping that! I could not believe the pressure, and how much of all of that I could feel. I had a specialist this time incase I had another big baby and he had some different methods for getting her out so that we could minimize the damage. All in all I think he did a great job. ( His name is Dr. Brown at Heritage Women's if you are shopping for an OB in Nashville). I forgot to mention that I was in enough pain to think I was dying, they came in and pumped that epidural and I was then able to come back down to earth and focus and so 10 minutes of pushing and there she was. 
 We were all debating her weight as she came out, and no one guessed big enough! 
She was 9 lbs 3 oz.
20" Long
2:55 am

 and much to our surprise she had a head full of hair!! and my crazy pinky toes! I really could not get over her looks! I just never pictured a baby of mine with so much dark hair and dark skin!  I also had lots of moments of OMG!! I am about to have a baby. This is Crazy!

and.. at the risk of TMI I will say that just because she was my 2nd big baby did not mean that was any less painful! I had a ROUGH next 24 hours and was terrified I was gonna be like that for months like I was with Fenn but after a few days things slowly began to improve and my mental state was MUCH better when I realized I was gonna be OK. 
I did not retain ANY fluid this time, and I was swollen for 2 weeks after having Fenn so that is good. I have TONS of leftovers though! Yikes!  I will be soon showing pics of the leftover action and how long that takes to remedy. 
For now I am trying to learn how to be a mom to 2, and how to manage my very high maintenance princessa.


Susannah said...

Ok I am dying to get my grubby paws on her!!! She is amazing and I love y'all!!!

Shannon Naftel said...

Love this story- and can't believe YOU were able to have such big babies with you having such a small frame. You are a rockstar!

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