Thursday, June 6, 2013

37 Weeks Bumpdate!

YAY!  We are in the home stretch now! Actual Due Date is June 27th but the baby is officially full term today. Good to know she is fully baked and ready now.  I have officially reached the impatient stage and am ready for her to be here! I am ready to be able to bend over again, and hold my boy , and squish and squeeze a new born, not to mention I am so curious about what she looks like! ha 

I had a doctor appointment today and he said nothing that I wanted to hear. :( Basically no dilation, 50% effacement, and head way down but baby not dropped yet. He said he had no idea when the baby would come, and that it " looks like a good size baby in there"  to which I began begging him for an ultrasound. He thought that was pointless because  it doesn't matter, but I quickly explained to him how it absolutely does matter that I get mentally prepared if this is another 10lb-er !! MEN!!!$%^*^^(*)_(*+

Ultrasound on Monday to determine the size/weight. I do hope she is a little juicy cause  I love a good fat baby!

I feel like my belly pics are deceiving sometimes as to the size of this gigantor belly so I took another set showing the actual belly,so you can see how big and heavy it is. Sorry, no way to  disguise that nasty belly button!

So.... some general info...

Weight: 38+ lb gain
Belly Measurements : 12+ inches. 

I have nothing to wear now. Seriously like 4 things fit at this stage but I refuse to buy anything so late in the game.

Cravings : Cold drinks, especially sweet tea, and watermelon or other cold fruit. Still not wanting anything too terribly sweet like chocolate etc. 

Symptoms: Lots of BH and tightening in my belly. Uncomfortable if I am on my feet for much time at all, because the weight of my stomach makes my back hurt.  I am HOT all the TIME. Super HOT. Pretty tired a lot too! Taking killer naps every day for about 2 hours and I sleep like a champ then, but at night I sleep terrible/very little. Due to the head on my bladder I have to TT all day/night long!
Sense of smell is super sonic and causes me to be annoyed a lot.

Prep Work: Pretty much done. Nursery is not organized, but I did finally get the car seat, play mat, swing, burp cloths etc.  I still need to get all the bottles out and clean and make sure my pump works and stuff like that.

In other news, Peebs got diagnosed with Fifths Disease and an Ear Infection this week. By the time we figured it out ,he was basically well  , but this rash is nasty. It really dried out his skin and made in peel in some places. It is hard to see in pictures but it is tiny bumps 3D feeling all over his body. He also had fever, runny nose and nasty cough. 
 He was a very good boy for the doctor and the nurse and minded all instructions well ( as opposed to the red face screaming and kicking he normally does) so did he just outgrow that phase you ask? No... I wised up and negotiated! I told him we could go to Krispy Kreme after the doctor if he behaved. He can totally be bought with chocolate. WHY did I not think of this sooner?
Turns out that Fifths can be very dangerous for Pregnant women, especially earlier on in the pregnancy. I had no idea but my friends on instagram educated me thank goodness! Turns out I am immune to Fifths since I had it as a child so all is well!  I urge all you ladies who are pregnant or plan to be come pregnant to read this girl's journey with 5ths on her blog and be educated.


Shannon Naftel said...

LOVE the picture of your belly and your face. At least you're all belly beautiful lady :)

Amber said...

So excited for you guys! You're getting so close and I know you can't wait to meet sweet Ann Clarke! Hang in there, momma!

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