Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Fenn.. 33 Months Old and Not Quite 3 Years!

Recently thanks to a new app called TimeHop, I can see what I was doing on social media several years back ( on this day) and I really loved reading Fenn's updates. It is crazy how fast you forget. And it was great motivation for writing a new one. 

So lets See... He is just shy of turning 3 years old. He is tons of fun, and bad to the bone!

 These are our neighborhood friends. He ADORES that little girl " Carowine" and her grandmother lives next door to us and he calls her " KayKay" and loves her too! We caught that big turtle in the creek behind  our house.

Interests : 

  • He loves being outside and wants to ride his plasma car 24-7 or look for worms, beetles, and roly pollies. (sp?)
  • He still likes painting and markers a good bit
  • He loves to sing and will dance a pretty good bit too in the car to R&B music . He seems to prefer Little Wayne over everyone else. He sings row your boat, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He is very bossy about whether or not you are allowed to participate in singing and dancing.
  • He likes the movie Finding Nemo, and still loves the cartoons Dora, Bubble Guppies, Super Why and Umi Zoomi. He also seems to love Barney and gets excited when it randomly comes on.

He has really turned a corner in the communication department and I can not tell you what a relief it is. and I still can't say that it will ever get on my nerves. Even when he is telling me " doughnut " over and over and OVER again. Or whatever it may be. He started bringing home phrases he hears from others like " whoopsie" and saying stuff we say like " Hold on, I'll be right back" or calling for someone through out the house and saying " where aaaarrrreeee yooouu" and he almost always will ask you a question or if he just agrees with what you said he follows it with " Right Right" Which i think he has picked up from Dora, and from me and his teachers when he does something right, and we compliment him. HA
" Momma, Heeeeeelp, Beachy Ocean?" that means  Momma take me to the beach again 
" TT Potty Momma, right right" means he needs to go TT 
He has also learned the roads around Brentwood now and when I turn onto the road that leads to our neighborhood, he generally will start telling me to turn around and will also scream and cry when I don't. I am kind of amazed that he knows the way home from places.

In the speech world, that is a biggie because that is an " action phrase". So now we are onto sentences, actions, spacial phrases, emotions.. all kind of stuff!
That is how he speaks and he has lots of things he says but over all i know what he is talking about what he wants. 

Food : 

We still struggle with food quite a bit but it has come a LONG way. He will eat lots of stuff for Mrs Jenny ( his occupational therapist) but not as much at home, although some of it does carry over. 
His favorites are currently :
 Apple Sauce, Peppered Turkey Slices, Buffalo Pretzel Chips, Greek yogurt with honey, Cheese slices, Nutrigrain bars, any kind of cookie or chocolate, sweet potato mash packs from Earth's Best.

He will eat some other things and has tried a lot of new foods lately that even though they are not healthy, or a "win" they are still positive because he has tried something unfamiliar. Like Lucky Charms, or Cheetos. ( everyone has fallen victim to my pathetic pregnancy cravings)

A big thanks to @mrsmfc for the nibble tray suggestion from Dr. Sears. ( Amazon $8) it is a great bento tray for toddlers with a detachable dipping section as well. I love seeing her pics on instagram of what she fixes for her toddler.


WHEW.. this has been wearing me down lately. Almost bringing me to tears on occasion. I am SO pregnant right now which makes chasing after him hard, and he is fully aware of that.  He likes to run off from me in parking lots or run away when I am trying to get him dressed and such. By the time I drag all 40 lbs of him to his room for time out I have had about 6 contractions.
I have to switch up my methods with him in order to get his attention and currently the most effective thing I am doing is making him sit on his bed with lights off and no dogs/toys etc for 10 minutes. Then I make him look me in the eye so we can discuss what he did wrong.  He could really care less about a spanking right now but being made to sit still and bored is torture for him.
He is SO strong willed and hard headed like both his parents

We took him to Orange Beach in April and that is really his first time back at the beach since he was 9 months old. He loved it SO MUCH and still asks to go  " to the beachy ocean". 

 This is what happened when it was time to leave, UNLESS he was hungry, then he would pack up all his sand toys no questions asked! ha


I feel like that subject totally deserves all caps and red font. I was so scared to death of this whole thing, and it really has not been that big of a deal. He has done great and I am so proud. I will do a post on this later with more detail. He is not completely trained yet , as we still wear a pull up at night time and he has accidents about 15% of the time.

Seeing him in those tacky cartoon underwears is about the funniest thing Ever!!

Other Random Info:

Height : 38 inches approx.
Weight : 38 lbs give or take some ounces.
Shoe Size : 10 working on 10.5
Clothes Size: 3T or 4T depending on the brand.

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