Friday, May 10, 2013

Lately.... and some shopping.

Lots going on around here lately and the blog is suffering, but here are the highlights:

I am ashamed to admit that I let my wild almost 3 year old son bring me to tears recently with his BAD behavior. His wildness is NOT from lack of trying on my part, it is truely a part of his personality, and he is immune apparently to spankings and time outs so I was feeling kind of hopeless on how to get through to him, when a friend RPK suggest I read this book Love & Logic. Can't say enough good things about this book and how well it is working for us. I also cut out as much sugar from his diet as I could without being a wackadoo and put him back on a STRICT schedule. I guess I really am that girl that has to learn over and over that kids need the structure of a good routine, ALL the time. 

Other lessons I have learned is that 3 really is worse than 2 ! 

We also have been having some issues with Fenn waking during the night and crying out, like a bad dream or something but it turned into a daily thing that we were going in there to calm him so we were all waking up several times a night ( YIKES).. after some deep thought and internet research, I decided that it was probably connected to our previous mentioned behavioral problems and lack of routine. So i moved his nap from " whenever we get back from wherever" to 12pm sharp and bedtime is between 7:30-8pm. He has been sleeping MUCH better since that little adjustment although it took a few days for it to take effect. Also it  is said to be common in kids his age , especially when they have developmental leaps/changes. ( Which hello, potty training, big boy bed, learning to talk MUCH more, and getting a sister soon). He also talks in his sleep which is pretty entertaining 
"Cupcake store momma, right right!" HA or " Oh no momma, I made a mess" 

I recently got this portable high chair from my discount store for about $20.  It folds up just like a tailgate chair and we have already used it just when we have friends over and it takes no room to store or travel with! Score! It will also be very handy for all those Titans Tailgates. Not sure how Fenn is gonna take to sharing his Flair High Chair with sister because he still really loves it!

I am soooo in love with instagram. I have zero use for facebook, and rarely twitter anymore and the blog is a struggle but I love me some instagram. Partly because I have always kept a tight lid on that one instead of adding anybody and everybody and also because I just love seeing pictures. Reading really wordy blogs is not my jam, but seeing pictures of your new handbag or your kid covered in dirt! Yesssss~ 

We are still loving the sandbox bubs built last year. He put a roof on it this year and we recovered it with Navy and white cabana fabric to match our new outdoor furniture.
 All he wants to do is play outside these days and side walk chalk and the plasma car are his go to toys, BUT we recently bought the pirate ship water table after all my mom friends on instagram were raving about it and boy does he love it! Day 1 bought me 2 hours  of complete entertainment, and he did not ask me to get my 8 month pregnant but down on the ground to dig for worms! #winning

Grizas will be featured on Zulily this month! I have not done any business updates on here lately because I feel like it bores people, but things are going well ( Steady) and I am  excited about reaching a huge audience on Zulily! Please pray it does well if you are a prayer!

The beautiful and extremely talented Jgro of Grouthaus Design developed a long term plan for our backyard when we bought this house. ( You can hire her here) 

We shall do it in phases as the budget allows, and right now I am in phase 1 of saving for the paver patio part. I have been having companies out to bid the job and the MOST OBNOXIOUS tool bag ever showed up this week. He was so unprofessional with his conversation, and came to my back door when he got here which creeped me out!  He spent most of his time telling me about how awesome and sexy he is ( while wearing a shirt that was 5 sizes too small so as to accentuate his average muscles)  and about how " the wife" sends him naked pictures to his phone... WHATEVER dude. I am 8 months pregnant, meaner than a monster, its 80 degrees and I am in a moo moo with no makeup, do you REALLY think I give 2 hoots about your self proclaimed awesomeness? Needless to say he will NOT be working here. .......

I have moved up a size in maternity wear and had to purchase a few things right here at the end to get me through. I got these at Old Navy online and love them both! Especially the chambray one. I know lots of you are preggars right now so thought I would share. Use Promo code ONLADIES20 for 20% off


MrsAlisonWD said...

Where did you get your water table? I remember seeing you post that on Instagram but now I can't find it!

Rachael Boutwell said...

Zulily?!?!?!?! Please let me know when your products will be on Zulily. That is awesome! Go Girl!

Julie Bray said...

haha! I love your description of the guy making a bid to do work on your yard! Bryan totally hated most of the people that bid on our kitchen area. I loved the comments he told them just to get them to go away. He's so non-confrontational it was funny to me to hear him and the crazy things he made up to tell them....
I think he told one guy he was a porno star....the guy asked what he did for a living and how the heck he thought he'd afford the kitchen upgrades he planned....Didn't go over well....ha...

The Macons said...

Dude. 3 is the new hell. It is tough. But we will get through. Get little girl here and Scarlet and I will come entertain you and the Fenn-ster (& Erik). I know one thing, my hub is gonna loveeee that fire pit even more once you get it all hooked up!

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