Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Current News & Memorial Day Celebrations..

The Master Bedroom Makeover is really coming together. I made some changes to my plan along the way but so far we are loving it. I can't wait to post before and after pics because the before was pretty ridiculous.

My little scrompy has become obsessed with this obscure cartoon on Sprout called "Tree Fu Tom" . He asks me 100 times a day to watch it, and he mimics the cartoon dude's magic spell castin' kung fu. I saw him standing on his bed on the monitor last night casting magic spells. It really amuses me!
Another thing he loves is the " Juice Box Rap" Video on You tube. He saw it at the play place and asks me to play it often. The song really cracks me up and they have other witty songs on an album in iTunes.

Now that Spring/Summer is here we are really enjoying our back yard. I had no idea when we bought this house last August how much we would really love living here, but we DO!  The backyard is like living in a park and has a creek  tons of wildlife ( and lots of snakes if you follow me on instagram you have seen those!) but other stuff too like resident woodpeckers, a rabbit and her babies, baby birds, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, raccoons, and it is a lot of fun to see Fenn experience all of that. 

We also have neighborhood swim and tennis club which we just visited for the 1st time this weekend and can already tell it's gonna be an awesome summer. They have pools, slides, baby pools, and a SNACK BAR! Fenn thinks that all swimming is related to the " beachy ocean" and is so into it, and he naps like a CHAMP afterward! *It also might have really excited me to know that sheryl crow is also a member! ha **
We had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, even though I didn't know it was Memorial Weekend until like Thursday.. ha. We had a last minute shindig on Sunday, and a fishing/dinner with friends on Monday. Fenn got lots of time with little friends. 

My old table only sat 8 and my new one sits about 12 ( tightly) and we had about 20 people so my place settings were all kinds of off. I will have to work on that for future patriotic parties!

I am really proud of my menu because it was actually good. I am still a kitchen newbie so making good food gets me excited.
We had

and Monday night we had dinner with some cool peeps & Auburn Alums at this awesome house that had beautiful landscaping and a pond for the kiddies to fish. Fenn caught about 100 microscopic frog babies and kept bringing them to me all squished :/ ! Thanks to the Kelton's for a great time! 

and lastly...
I am right at 36 Weeks pregnant! It is ALMOST time. I plan to do all my prep this week and hope that I get it done. Soo ready for her to be here and to no longer be pregnant.
This is also the stage of limitless conversations with strangers about my pregnancy! Normally that amuses me , but now I would rather spend that time on my feet being productive. 


Cary said...

You sure are pretty pregnant! I mean, you are pretty all the time but radiant when pregnant! Can't wait to meet her!!

Linzy said...

Great post! Love the bedroom makeover!! And you are beautiful Mama.. I can't wait for her to be here! :)

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