Friday, May 31, 2013

Water Table Sensory Play Ideas

After seeing all my instagram mommas buy the pirate ship water table for their kids, I joined in and he does absolutely love it, and this tired super pregnant momma really enjoys keeping him entertained! After that, CB sent me a link to some water table ideas with sensory play, and since I still had a very dirty and crappy cheap water table from last year, I got it out, scrubbed it down and then went to Wal-Mart  & Dollar Tree with a supply List. 
From what we have done so far, I can say that it was totally worth it. Little expense, not near as messy or as complicated as I had anticipated.

Here is the blog where I got all my ideas from. She hosted a link up and all these fantastic creative mommas joined in to say what they do with their water tables.

Our First Day we did a " Swamp Sludge " Theme
Materials : 

  • 8 packets of knox gelatin ( in jello aisle about 25 cents a packet)
  • Food coloring
  • Plastic swamp creatures $1 a bag from Dollar Tree
Jello takes about 3 hours to set, and since there is no sugar it is not sticky to play with! I made ours in a plastic bin. FYI, this gelatin STINKS ( imo) so if you can use a packet of koolaid to color it , it will smell better too.

Water Table Sensory Play : Foam & Paint

And still in his jammers because it is barely daylight, he is ready to play some more. He spent another hour with his swamp table and then we started over with a new activity.
Foam Shaving Cream, and frozen star shaped finger paints. I think this would have been cooler if it had been hot enough to melt the frozen paints faster. Either way he had a great time with it, made a huge mess and rubbed it all over his body from head to toe! Nothing like smelling like a cleanly shaven old dude when you're 2!

I also did a Marshmellow table.  I have never bought marshmallows before ( that I can remember) so just FYI they come in a bazillion shapes and sizes and are about 93 cents a bag. Erik thought I spent a million dollars on marshmallows when he saw all of them but it was more like $4. HA
It was a hit with young kids as well as older ones.

Ocean Table with Purple Jello ( they had no blue koolaid power :(

Total Supply List:
Wal-Mart : 
  • Knox Big Box of Gelatin 32 packets ($7.50)
  • Food Coloring
  • Couple bags of Marshmellows ( $1-1.50 each)
  • couple packets of Kool-Aid
  • Finger Paint if you don't already have
  • Couple cans of shaving cream ($1 each)
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Spray Bottles (if you don't have any on hand)
Dollar Tree:
  • Package of swamp creatures
  • Package of Ocean Creatures
  • glass beads, plastic jewels or other sparkly things
  • Plastic of Foam alphabet letters
  • Package of Sea Shells
  • Ice cube tray ( star shapes)

So all in all this a great way to make some cheap summer fun! Hope everyone has a  great weekend and gets to try one of these out. That link above has tons of great ideas! ( glitter anyone ?)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Current News & Memorial Day Celebrations..

The Master Bedroom Makeover is really coming together. I made some changes to my plan along the way but so far we are loving it. I can't wait to post before and after pics because the before was pretty ridiculous.

My little scrompy has become obsessed with this obscure cartoon on Sprout called "Tree Fu Tom" . He asks me 100 times a day to watch it, and he mimics the cartoon dude's magic spell castin' kung fu. I saw him standing on his bed on the monitor last night casting magic spells. It really amuses me!
Another thing he loves is the " Juice Box Rap" Video on You tube. He saw it at the play place and asks me to play it often. The song really cracks me up and they have other witty songs on an album in iTunes.

Now that Spring/Summer is here we are really enjoying our back yard. I had no idea when we bought this house last August how much we would really love living here, but we DO!  The backyard is like living in a park and has a creek  tons of wildlife ( and lots of snakes if you follow me on instagram you have seen those!) but other stuff too like resident woodpeckers, a rabbit and her babies, baby birds, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, raccoons, and it is a lot of fun to see Fenn experience all of that. 

We also have neighborhood swim and tennis club which we just visited for the 1st time this weekend and can already tell it's gonna be an awesome summer. They have pools, slides, baby pools, and a SNACK BAR! Fenn thinks that all swimming is related to the " beachy ocean" and is so into it, and he naps like a CHAMP afterward! *It also might have really excited me to know that sheryl crow is also a member! ha **
We had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, even though I didn't know it was Memorial Weekend until like Thursday.. ha. We had a last minute shindig on Sunday, and a fishing/dinner with friends on Monday. Fenn got lots of time with little friends. 

My old table only sat 8 and my new one sits about 12 ( tightly) and we had about 20 people so my place settings were all kinds of off. I will have to work on that for future patriotic parties!

I am really proud of my menu because it was actually good. I am still a kitchen newbie so making good food gets me excited.
We had

and Monday night we had dinner with some cool peeps & Auburn Alums at this awesome house that had beautiful landscaping and a pond for the kiddies to fish. Fenn caught about 100 microscopic frog babies and kept bringing them to me all squished :/ ! Thanks to the Kelton's for a great time! 

and lastly...
I am right at 36 Weeks pregnant! It is ALMOST time. I plan to do all my prep this week and hope that I get it done. Soo ready for her to be here and to no longer be pregnant.
This is also the stage of limitless conversations with strangers about my pregnancy! Normally that amuses me , but now I would rather spend that time on my feet being productive. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TODAY! On Zulily...

I am very excited to announce the launch of Grizas Products on Zulily today! They will be on sale from May 14-16. 

You can shop from their website OR using the Zulily iPhone App!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lately.... and some shopping.

Lots going on around here lately and the blog is suffering, but here are the highlights:

I am ashamed to admit that I let my wild almost 3 year old son bring me to tears recently with his BAD behavior. His wildness is NOT from lack of trying on my part, it is truely a part of his personality, and he is immune apparently to spankings and time outs so I was feeling kind of hopeless on how to get through to him, when a friend RPK suggest I read this book Love & Logic. Can't say enough good things about this book and how well it is working for us. I also cut out as much sugar from his diet as I could without being a wackadoo and put him back on a STRICT schedule. I guess I really am that girl that has to learn over and over that kids need the structure of a good routine, ALL the time. 

Other lessons I have learned is that 3 really is worse than 2 ! 

We also have been having some issues with Fenn waking during the night and crying out, like a bad dream or something but it turned into a daily thing that we were going in there to calm him so we were all waking up several times a night ( YIKES).. after some deep thought and internet research, I decided that it was probably connected to our previous mentioned behavioral problems and lack of routine. So i moved his nap from " whenever we get back from wherever" to 12pm sharp and bedtime is between 7:30-8pm. He has been sleeping MUCH better since that little adjustment although it took a few days for it to take effect. Also it  is said to be common in kids his age , especially when they have developmental leaps/changes. ( Which hello, potty training, big boy bed, learning to talk MUCH more, and getting a sister soon). He also talks in his sleep which is pretty entertaining 
"Cupcake store momma, right right!" HA or " Oh no momma, I made a mess" 

I recently got this portable high chair from my discount store for about $20.  It folds up just like a tailgate chair and we have already used it just when we have friends over and it takes no room to store or travel with! Score! It will also be very handy for all those Titans Tailgates. Not sure how Fenn is gonna take to sharing his Flair High Chair with sister because he still really loves it!

I am soooo in love with instagram. I have zero use for facebook, and rarely twitter anymore and the blog is a struggle but I love me some instagram. Partly because I have always kept a tight lid on that one instead of adding anybody and everybody and also because I just love seeing pictures. Reading really wordy blogs is not my jam, but seeing pictures of your new handbag or your kid covered in dirt! Yesssss~ 

We are still loving the sandbox bubs built last year. He put a roof on it this year and we recovered it with Navy and white cabana fabric to match our new outdoor furniture.
 All he wants to do is play outside these days and side walk chalk and the plasma car are his go to toys, BUT we recently bought the pirate ship water table after all my mom friends on instagram were raving about it and boy does he love it! Day 1 bought me 2 hours  of complete entertainment, and he did not ask me to get my 8 month pregnant but down on the ground to dig for worms! #winning

Grizas will be featured on Zulily this month! I have not done any business updates on here lately because I feel like it bores people, but things are going well ( Steady) and I am  excited about reaching a huge audience on Zulily! Please pray it does well if you are a prayer!

The beautiful and extremely talented Jgro of Grouthaus Design developed a long term plan for our backyard when we bought this house. ( You can hire her here) 

We shall do it in phases as the budget allows, and right now I am in phase 1 of saving for the paver patio part. I have been having companies out to bid the job and the MOST OBNOXIOUS tool bag ever showed up this week. He was so unprofessional with his conversation, and came to my back door when he got here which creeped me out!  He spent most of his time telling me about how awesome and sexy he is ( while wearing a shirt that was 5 sizes too small so as to accentuate his average muscles)  and about how " the wife" sends him naked pictures to his phone... WHATEVER dude. I am 8 months pregnant, meaner than a monster, its 80 degrees and I am in a moo moo with no makeup, do you REALLY think I give 2 hoots about your self proclaimed awesomeness? Needless to say he will NOT be working here. .......

I have moved up a size in maternity wear and had to purchase a few things right here at the end to get me through. I got these at Old Navy online and love them both! Especially the chambray one. I know lots of you are preggars right now so thought I would share. Use Promo code ONLADIES20 for 20% off

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Fenn.. 33 Months Old and Not Quite 3 Years!

Recently thanks to a new app called TimeHop, I can see what I was doing on social media several years back ( on this day) and I really loved reading Fenn's updates. It is crazy how fast you forget. And it was great motivation for writing a new one. 

So lets See... He is just shy of turning 3 years old. He is tons of fun, and bad to the bone!

 These are our neighborhood friends. He ADORES that little girl " Carowine" and her grandmother lives next door to us and he calls her " KayKay" and loves her too! We caught that big turtle in the creek behind  our house.

Interests : 

  • He loves being outside and wants to ride his plasma car 24-7 or look for worms, beetles, and roly pollies. (sp?)
  • He still likes painting and markers a good bit
  • He loves to sing and will dance a pretty good bit too in the car to R&B music . He seems to prefer Little Wayne over everyone else. He sings row your boat, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He is very bossy about whether or not you are allowed to participate in singing and dancing.
  • He likes the movie Finding Nemo, and still loves the cartoons Dora, Bubble Guppies, Super Why and Umi Zoomi. He also seems to love Barney and gets excited when it randomly comes on.

He has really turned a corner in the communication department and I can not tell you what a relief it is. and I still can't say that it will ever get on my nerves. Even when he is telling me " doughnut " over and over and OVER again. Or whatever it may be. He started bringing home phrases he hears from others like " whoopsie" and saying stuff we say like " Hold on, I'll be right back" or calling for someone through out the house and saying " where aaaarrrreeee yooouu" and he almost always will ask you a question or if he just agrees with what you said he follows it with " Right Right" Which i think he has picked up from Dora, and from me and his teachers when he does something right, and we compliment him. HA
" Momma, Heeeeeelp, Beachy Ocean?" that means  Momma take me to the beach again 
" TT Potty Momma, right right" means he needs to go TT 
He has also learned the roads around Brentwood now and when I turn onto the road that leads to our neighborhood, he generally will start telling me to turn around and will also scream and cry when I don't. I am kind of amazed that he knows the way home from places.

In the speech world, that is a biggie because that is an " action phrase". So now we are onto sentences, actions, spacial phrases, emotions.. all kind of stuff!
That is how he speaks and he has lots of things he says but over all i know what he is talking about what he wants. 

Food : 

We still struggle with food quite a bit but it has come a LONG way. He will eat lots of stuff for Mrs Jenny ( his occupational therapist) but not as much at home, although some of it does carry over. 
His favorites are currently :
 Apple Sauce, Peppered Turkey Slices, Buffalo Pretzel Chips, Greek yogurt with honey, Cheese slices, Nutrigrain bars, any kind of cookie or chocolate, sweet potato mash packs from Earth's Best.

He will eat some other things and has tried a lot of new foods lately that even though they are not healthy, or a "win" they are still positive because he has tried something unfamiliar. Like Lucky Charms, or Cheetos. ( everyone has fallen victim to my pathetic pregnancy cravings)

A big thanks to @mrsmfc for the nibble tray suggestion from Dr. Sears. ( Amazon $8) it is a great bento tray for toddlers with a detachable dipping section as well. I love seeing her pics on instagram of what she fixes for her toddler.


WHEW.. this has been wearing me down lately. Almost bringing me to tears on occasion. I am SO pregnant right now which makes chasing after him hard, and he is fully aware of that.  He likes to run off from me in parking lots or run away when I am trying to get him dressed and such. By the time I drag all 40 lbs of him to his room for time out I have had about 6 contractions.
I have to switch up my methods with him in order to get his attention and currently the most effective thing I am doing is making him sit on his bed with lights off and no dogs/toys etc for 10 minutes. Then I make him look me in the eye so we can discuss what he did wrong.  He could really care less about a spanking right now but being made to sit still and bored is torture for him.
He is SO strong willed and hard headed like both his parents

We took him to Orange Beach in April and that is really his first time back at the beach since he was 9 months old. He loved it SO MUCH and still asks to go  " to the beachy ocean". 

 This is what happened when it was time to leave, UNLESS he was hungry, then he would pack up all his sand toys no questions asked! ha


I feel like that subject totally deserves all caps and red font. I was so scared to death of this whole thing, and it really has not been that big of a deal. He has done great and I am so proud. I will do a post on this later with more detail. He is not completely trained yet , as we still wear a pull up at night time and he has accidents about 15% of the time.

Seeing him in those tacky cartoon underwears is about the funniest thing Ever!!

Other Random Info:

Height : 38 inches approx.
Weight : 38 lbs give or take some ounces.
Shoe Size : 10 working on 10.5
Clothes Size: 3T or 4T depending on the brand.

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