Monday, April 15, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover : Ballards Knock Off Upholstered Headboard

Before we started this makeover I planned out what I could do on my budget that I set up for this room. As usual lots of things I wanted to do and not enough money to do it all exactly, so I had to figure out a few ways to cut corners. The Headboard was definitely an easy area to cut costs. 

This is the "Kate Upholstered Headboard" that I liked in Ballards in " Linen Spa that was about $953 with tax and shipping for a King Sized Head Board.

Here is our DIY version:

** It is just propped up on our bed for show of size. We have not finished the headboard as we are bolting it to a metal bed frame**

 Not an exact replica but close enough. I was skerred to get to drama tic with the cut outs. Total Cost was $ 235.01
That number can be tweaked based on fabric choice and if you have coupons for the foam which was the majority of the cost. I included chart cost because I was really curious about this when I was cruising the internet for tutorials. 

Other Helpful Info:
  • Get some coupons before buying that foam at Jo-Anne's.  They do not consider the foam or the batting to be "fabric" so any 40% one yard of fabric coupons will not apply. Also you will need one coupon for each yard. I think it is about $32 a yard YIPES
  • Some tutorials talk about buying foam at Home Depot. They do have foam for about 1/2 the price maybe cheaper, BUT it is more like styrofoam and not soft cushion foam so keep that in mind. I wanted our headboard to be soft but if this was for a guest room I might have cut that corner.
  • We did lots of piecing with the foam since I did not buy quite enough and it worked and saved some $ but wish I had bought longer pieces.
  • Design Sponge does a really great video tutorial on you tube. You can watch that HERE
  • I used some paper off my sons art easel to make the stencil for the design of the headboard. That took lots of thinking and planning to try and get the proportions done properly for a king sized headboard. If you ever see the style you want out somewhere, study it and measure it before copying it.
  • I wanted our headboard to be big and tall so it would show up well when pillows were in place and make a statement. This one measures 78" Long and  48 " High at its tallest point. We will put legs on it so that it hits the bead just right.

My Fabric Choice is a Linen in Celadon. It is very hard to capture the true color on camera but it is a blue grey shade. LIKE THIS


Cary said...

Wow, I am impressed! Y'all done good!

The Macons said...

Alright I am gonna need more deets cause John and I need one for our king size!

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