Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Goals : Status

Recording my progress for my NY Resolutions and things are going really well! I decided to do a different format this time and include also some of my BB Bucket List Stuff ( Before Baby ).

$ Budgeting $

March was our best month yet on the new budget. I LOVE this new plan and feel so great about it and the changes that we have made because of it! No debt ( except our house) and no credit cards are being used! Just planning and getting resourceful. I have sold so much stuff on craigslist lately in our big clutter clean out and that has been awesome. In March I sold pretty much all of our outdoor toys and furniture in order to buy new stuff because this house has a different yard layout that our old house. That money is in savings until we decide what to do out there, and may wait till the end of the summer when everything goes on sale.
I am still using the Dave Ramsey software online instead of the envelope system because I just did nor feel that Cash envelopes was practical for us, we are more of a "virtual cash envelopes" type of people. We actually spent BELOW our March budget and that was with having my big Easter party too!

I finally finished the 7 Experimental Excess book and I really enjoyed it! I realized that when I am reading serious books like that it takes me a much longer time to finish! That was supposed to be my Feb. Book so I am behind here but will catch up in April.

March was also a very successful cooking month. I am not sure April will be as good because I am getting tired of standing in the kitchen with this big baby belly. I cooked ALOT and we also planted our garden so that I can hopefully start growing almost all of our own produce and herbs. We shall see! The weather here has been super cold so I am off to a late start. I am forgetting to take pictures lately before I eat. oops.

I have yet to start Sunday School! I must get on this but it feels like it would be somewhat pointless to start before the baby comes since I will be grounded for a few weeks after her arrival. We shall see. We are still in regular attendance which I am considering a total win these days because bubs has had to work a lot of Sundays and I am still managing to get my wild 2 yr old dressed and there 5 minutes late on time.

Home Improvement
We added hardware to the laundry room cabinets!

Set up the boy an aquarium in his room!
I FINALLY painted the back wall of the built in shelves. I had been putting this off because the previous owners painted them in place ( grrrr) but Erik beat them out with a rubber mallet and he also drilled a hole in the wall to run cable wires so we dont have wires hanging down the fireplace for our TV anymore! 
and the boys built me a raised garden bed and hauled in composted dirt to fill it with. They forgot the chicken wire at the bottom to keep the moles out so I hope the moles don't find me!  We put it close to the house and in the fence like that to keep out deer and other critters that frequent our back yard.


Josh and Beth said...

To help in the kitchen get a barstool! My grandmother uses one in hers and it is genius!! Your budgeting gives me some motivation to get better about our spending! I have been trying to declutter too lately and love having that extra cash to get baby stuff we needed without going into our regular funds.

Susannah said...

Very excellent news on the budgeting! You have been so busy with the cooking, selling, gardening, working, etc! Damn girl!

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