Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter !

We had a really great Easter this year, despite the yucky weather. Fenn is finally old enough to get the concept of the Easter Bunny. I made some bunny tracks from flour and stencil and he really enjoyed " tracking the easter Bunny" to find his basket.

When he did find his basket,  All he cared about was the Cadburry Eggs in his basket. That is what he had for breakfast. I am sure the nursery workers at church appreciated that.

He was excited to show cousin Stevie his Easter Basket when he woke up! Cousin Stevie spent the weekend with us and Fenn loved having him here! SO did Ralphie since Stevie was his first  "little master".

Still really thankful that @marshallcolquett let me buy this buffett from him. I am so in love with it!  That is our Easter Spread. This year people ate pretty much all the food which was nice because last year I had tons of left overs. We had about 16 adults and 10 kids.
 Adult Table

Kids table

Peebs got lots of goodies from our sweet guest and here he is showing his excitement for the mini Cadburry eggs Katie and Taylor brought him.
 Aunt Marti brought over a big Easter puzzle and the kids loved it and dance on it when they were done!
 We had to have our Easter Egg Hunt inside which was a bummer but it still went well!


melissa said...

Fenn is TOO CUTE! Love his excitement over the candy. And your buffet is gorgeous! I love it! Such a beautiful Easter table!

The McRee's said...

Your table settings are really pretty!

katie said...

I loved spending time with yall for Easter!! You are the best hostess!

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