Monday, April 22, 2013

April Projects Completed: Nesting in Full Effect

 Erik built a raised Garden Bed for me and we planed herbs and veggies!

 I recovered all of our dining room chair and they look SO much better.  It is a shame how dirty they were! The paint also needs touching up so that is on May's list for bubs.

After :

Did a huge clean out of the playroom and also cleaned everything in there.
Got my master builder bubs to make this headboard I wanted in Ballards:

Finally finished Peebs curtains. The one on the right is the "Before". I added a red duck fabric top so that they would look cuter, hang better, and be long enough. ( remember the curtains are actually duvet covers from Target). It is hard to get a good picture of them in the day time because of the sun light, and I forget at night.

My super great find of the year probably was this outdoor couch at my discount store. It cost exactly half of what I sold our old patio furniture for on Craigslist! SCORE. so I made some cute throw pillows for it ( outdoor fabrics are 50% off at JoAnne's right now) and I am having the other 2 khaki pillows monogrammed.

Finally painted this powder room off our kitchen. It is " Oyster Bay" from Sherwin Williams. FYI it is like National painting week or something like that so SW paint is 40% off .

So we made some great progress but I still have a ton to do before this baby arrives. I explained to bubs that from my memory with peebs I will be spending lots of time sitting or sleeping with a newborn and breastfeeding for 1 million hours and I don't want to look around and be annoyed by unfinished projects that I will have neither the time or stamina to complete. It makes me anxious.
May Goals:

  1. Touch up paint on dining room chairs
  2. Paint Master bedroom
  3. paint peebs nightstand
  4. recover the sandbox in outdoor fabric that co-ordinates with new couch
  5. have bubs make built ins for nursery closet.
  6. paint master bathroom
  7. sew shower curtain.

1 comment:

The Macons said...

Dude! You have been busy! I will have to send you a pic but we put a tin roof on the sand box! Now water won't pool and ruin that fabric. What are you using for a cover though? We don't know what to use to keep the pine straw and cats out, right now it's a tarp...

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