Monday, April 22, 2013

April Projects Completed: Nesting in Full Effect

 Erik built a raised Garden Bed for me and we planed herbs and veggies!

 I recovered all of our dining room chair and they look SO much better.  It is a shame how dirty they were! The paint also needs touching up so that is on May's list for bubs.

After :

Did a huge clean out of the playroom and also cleaned everything in there.
Got my master builder bubs to make this headboard I wanted in Ballards:

Finally finished Peebs curtains. The one on the right is the "Before". I added a red duck fabric top so that they would look cuter, hang better, and be long enough. ( remember the curtains are actually duvet covers from Target). It is hard to get a good picture of them in the day time because of the sun light, and I forget at night.

My super great find of the year probably was this outdoor couch at my discount store. It cost exactly half of what I sold our old patio furniture for on Craigslist! SCORE. so I made some cute throw pillows for it ( outdoor fabrics are 50% off at JoAnne's right now) and I am having the other 2 khaki pillows monogrammed.

Finally painted this powder room off our kitchen. It is " Oyster Bay" from Sherwin Williams. FYI it is like National painting week or something like that so SW paint is 40% off .

So we made some great progress but I still have a ton to do before this baby arrives. I explained to bubs that from my memory with peebs I will be spending lots of time sitting or sleeping with a newborn and breastfeeding for 1 million hours and I don't want to look around and be annoyed by unfinished projects that I will have neither the time or stamina to complete. It makes me anxious.
May Goals:

  1. Touch up paint on dining room chairs
  2. Paint Master bedroom
  3. paint peebs nightstand
  4. recover the sandbox in outdoor fabric that co-ordinates with new couch
  5. have bubs make built ins for nursery closet.
  6. paint master bathroom
  7. sew shower curtain.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bumpdate 30 Weeks : She finally has a NAME!

Mostly I still can not get over how different this pregnancy is from my 1st. I actually think it deserves it's own blog post so stay tuned for that.

Current cravings : Cheese Puffs & Reese Peanut Butter Eggs
Weight: up 7 lbs so over all I have gained almost 30lbs.
Symptoms : Both sleep and my pregnancy cold have been much better lately! Hoping that sticks around.

Braxton Hicks have been much better and I have been making a strong effort to rest more and drink more water. I have them in back now as well though and that is painful! 

I am in major nesting mode now cleaning like crazy and trying to get all the things done I have on my "BB Bucket List "  ( Before Baby). 

and... I think we have finally settled on a name! 

Anna Clarke

and we will call her " Anna Clarke"

Anna is my maternal grandmothers first name and Clark is my paternal grandmother's maiden name, as well as one of my best girlfriends from college middle name! 

29 Weeks

this was 29 Weeks with Peebs:

30 week ultrasound pics:
So far she is juicy, with no hairs, big lips and long limbs! Not sure of estimated weight yet.

Big Brother:

He has been quite the terror lately! I keep having to be reminded that sometimes, as ridiculous as it seems to "bargain" with your child, it totally helps to approach things differently.  
Our current trick is to offer him 2 choices both of which are OK with us, instead of just telling him straight up what he needs to do. 
For Example " Come over here and put your clothes on"  = running from me and screaming)  is now " Would you like to put on your shirt or your pants first?"  = happily answers with which one and starts getting dressed calmly . It is the craziest trick EVER and totally works so take that little nugget and stick it in your pocket ! you're welcome.

We are working on potty training. He seems interested and has sporadically been using the potty since Dec. 2nd so we are going all in this week and will see what happens. Seeing him  wearing cartoon big boy underwears is the funniest thing EVER. I wish I had known that they only come in a handful of characters because apparently that is an important thing to get excited over, but he does not know who "Angry Birds" , Super heroes or "Cars/Toy Story" is so we don't have that bargaining chip. 

I have been going back and reading old pregnancy posts from Fenn and they are kind of hilarious. BOY has life changed since then. Here is a link to my 31 Week Bumpdate with him

Monday, April 15, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover : Ballards Knock Off Upholstered Headboard

Before we started this makeover I planned out what I could do on my budget that I set up for this room. As usual lots of things I wanted to do and not enough money to do it all exactly, so I had to figure out a few ways to cut corners. The Headboard was definitely an easy area to cut costs. 

This is the "Kate Upholstered Headboard" that I liked in Ballards in " Linen Spa that was about $953 with tax and shipping for a King Sized Head Board.

Here is our DIY version:

** It is just propped up on our bed for show of size. We have not finished the headboard as we are bolting it to a metal bed frame**

 Not an exact replica but close enough. I was skerred to get to drama tic with the cut outs. Total Cost was $ 235.01
That number can be tweaked based on fabric choice and if you have coupons for the foam which was the majority of the cost. I included chart cost because I was really curious about this when I was cruising the internet for tutorials. 

Other Helpful Info:
  • Get some coupons before buying that foam at Jo-Anne's.  They do not consider the foam or the batting to be "fabric" so any 40% one yard of fabric coupons will not apply. Also you will need one coupon for each yard. I think it is about $32 a yard YIPES
  • Some tutorials talk about buying foam at Home Depot. They do have foam for about 1/2 the price maybe cheaper, BUT it is more like styrofoam and not soft cushion foam so keep that in mind. I wanted our headboard to be soft but if this was for a guest room I might have cut that corner.
  • We did lots of piecing with the foam since I did not buy quite enough and it worked and saved some $ but wish I had bought longer pieces.
  • Design Sponge does a really great video tutorial on you tube. You can watch that HERE
  • I used some paper off my sons art easel to make the stencil for the design of the headboard. That took lots of thinking and planning to try and get the proportions done properly for a king sized headboard. If you ever see the style you want out somewhere, study it and measure it before copying it.
  • I wanted our headboard to be big and tall so it would show up well when pillows were in place and make a statement. This one measures 78" Long and  48 " High at its tallest point. We will put legs on it so that it hits the bead just right.

My Fabric Choice is a Linen in Celadon. It is very hard to capture the true color on camera but it is a blue grey shade. LIKE THIS

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Goals : Status

Recording my progress for my NY Resolutions and things are going really well! I decided to do a different format this time and include also some of my BB Bucket List Stuff ( Before Baby ).

$ Budgeting $

March was our best month yet on the new budget. I LOVE this new plan and feel so great about it and the changes that we have made because of it! No debt ( except our house) and no credit cards are being used! Just planning and getting resourceful. I have sold so much stuff on craigslist lately in our big clutter clean out and that has been awesome. In March I sold pretty much all of our outdoor toys and furniture in order to buy new stuff because this house has a different yard layout that our old house. That money is in savings until we decide what to do out there, and may wait till the end of the summer when everything goes on sale.
I am still using the Dave Ramsey software online instead of the envelope system because I just did nor feel that Cash envelopes was practical for us, we are more of a "virtual cash envelopes" type of people. We actually spent BELOW our March budget and that was with having my big Easter party too!

I finally finished the 7 Experimental Excess book and I really enjoyed it! I realized that when I am reading serious books like that it takes me a much longer time to finish! That was supposed to be my Feb. Book so I am behind here but will catch up in April.

March was also a very successful cooking month. I am not sure April will be as good because I am getting tired of standing in the kitchen with this big baby belly. I cooked ALOT and we also planted our garden so that I can hopefully start growing almost all of our own produce and herbs. We shall see! The weather here has been super cold so I am off to a late start. I am forgetting to take pictures lately before I eat. oops.

I have yet to start Sunday School! I must get on this but it feels like it would be somewhat pointless to start before the baby comes since I will be grounded for a few weeks after her arrival. We shall see. We are still in regular attendance which I am considering a total win these days because bubs has had to work a lot of Sundays and I am still managing to get my wild 2 yr old dressed and there 5 minutes late on time.

Home Improvement
We added hardware to the laundry room cabinets!

Set up the boy an aquarium in his room!
I FINALLY painted the back wall of the built in shelves. I had been putting this off because the previous owners painted them in place ( grrrr) but Erik beat them out with a rubber mallet and he also drilled a hole in the wall to run cable wires so we dont have wires hanging down the fireplace for our TV anymore! 
and the boys built me a raised garden bed and hauled in composted dirt to fill it with. They forgot the chicken wire at the bottom to keep the moles out so I hope the moles don't find me!  We put it close to the house and in the fence like that to keep out deer and other critters that frequent our back yard.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter !

We had a really great Easter this year, despite the yucky weather. Fenn is finally old enough to get the concept of the Easter Bunny. I made some bunny tracks from flour and stencil and he really enjoyed " tracking the easter Bunny" to find his basket.

When he did find his basket,  All he cared about was the Cadburry Eggs in his basket. That is what he had for breakfast. I am sure the nursery workers at church appreciated that.

He was excited to show cousin Stevie his Easter Basket when he woke up! Cousin Stevie spent the weekend with us and Fenn loved having him here! SO did Ralphie since Stevie was his first  "little master".

Still really thankful that @marshallcolquett let me buy this buffett from him. I am so in love with it!  That is our Easter Spread. This year people ate pretty much all the food which was nice because last year I had tons of left overs. We had about 16 adults and 10 kids.
 Adult Table

Kids table

Peebs got lots of goodies from our sweet guest and here he is showing his excitement for the mini Cadburry eggs Katie and Taylor brought him.
 Aunt Marti brought over a big Easter puzzle and the kids loved it and dance on it when they were done!
 We had to have our Easter Egg Hunt inside which was a bummer but it still went well!

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