Thursday, March 28, 2013

The 3rd Trimester Begins ! Large and in Charge!

Sorry for the belly pics cause I know my Nonie HATES these, but you can not appreciate the huge-ness when it is covered. DUDE! This thing is HEAVY. I am pretty shocked at how uncomfortable I am these days (already ) because I fully expect to gain another 15-20lbs in my last trimester.
It really blows my mind how different this pregnancy is from my last. I feel like I am not as wide as I got last time, which is weird bc I thought girl babies made you get wider than boy babies?
Whatever the case I can tell you that this belly is hurting every inch of my body. I am ill equipped for holding it up. I ordered the Belly Bra from amazon and it was not made for tall chicks so I had to return it.

Hope everyone can appreciate a good re-run because that is the only cute outfit I own that fits right now and I keep holding out and holding out for warm weather. UGH. I should have bought another pair of jeans like 2 months ago.
I have had some great luck dress shopping at ROSS of all places. They are not maternity dresses, just stretchy fabric that I buy a size up ( or in this case two sizes up as my Nonie insisted). Most of their dresses are $15-20 . Cant wait for it to be dress weather every day!

and... even though I have been eating Cadburry's by the boat load, I am only up 1 pound and 1 inch this week from last week. You see that it is a family affair now. Like my Lucky Charms.. I wanted those for my pregnancy snack and now all of a sudden my son and husband are woofing down my cereal! 

In Other Bumpdate News:

  • Major Braxton hicks contractions lately. I will be riding scooter wheel chairs for likely the rest of this pregnancy.  Anytime I do much on my feet I start having them.
  • Decreased appetite, significantly, but still nurturing my sweet tooth.
  • I have another cold this week :( I think that makes 3 colds I have had during this pregnancy ( which I had none with Fenn) one of the side effects of having a toddler during pregnancy!

Big Brother: 

Has been enjoying this Easter Season with Egg Dying, Visiting the Mall Easter Bunny, and practicing his egg hunting skills. He is still talking, singing and dancing up a storm. 

He still is clueless about the impending arrival and loss of his "only child" throne. I may try to chat with him about that a little soon. 


The Macons said...

You are to cute for words! Girl after all your chat about those damn eggs I just went in CVS to try to find them and can't! Ugh! I want to try them! Love and miss ya'll, and yeah you may wanna clue fenners in on what's to come!

Susannah said...

I mean, I can't EVEN get over the cute! You just look adorable! I can't believe it's getting so close. Can't wait to see her!

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