Thursday, March 7, 2013

Request, Prayer & Kindness..

Hey guys, just wanted to have a space to explain to you my tweets etc about this little boy Caelon. 

He is in the hospital for having strokes and his doctors have yet to find a diagnosis for him. He is 4 years old and enjoys cruising facebook and seeing people talk to him on here and post pictures to his timeline. One of his people reached out to me and asked me to share with my social media channels because of my strong network of Mommas! and Christian mommas at that. 
I am scared that quick tweet blurbs might not get anyone's attention as it looks so much like the spam that is all over the net. So I wanted to clarify this is a real deal, and that 30 seconds of your time really does make a difference. 
I also want to ask all you prayer warriors to add him to your prayer list. When I hear about stuff like this, it is really hard not to imagine myself in their shoes, I am hoping y'all will do the same and 

  • "Like" his facebook page
  • Leave him a comment on his page with a picture if you are feeling especially kind
  • SHARE this link with your social network.
  • Pray for him

It is a beautiful thing the way the blogosphere comes together in situations like this and works hard to support and lift up our fellow parents.

and @melanyburtonrogers I know you are good at recruiting prayer so hook me up girl!

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