Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Week 1 : Menu Monday

Monday: Mushrooms & artichoke Tortellini , Salad, Texas Toast
( I omit the chicken from this recipe)

Tuesday : Taco Stuffed Shells & Spanish Rice
( that spanish rice recipe is really good and worth the effort. Make sure not to leave out the lime juice)
I also add jalapenos to our stuffed shells.

Wednesday : Lemon Chicken Picatta, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus
This is something I cook regularly, it is really good and not too difficult. There are tons of variations and I actually got my recipe from @matthill but basically you are pan frying floured chicken breast filets in chicken stock, capers, lemon juice, & butter.

Thursday: Parm. Crusted Oven Baked Chicken Fingers, Cream Corn Casserole, Green Beans. 

I omit the bisquick and just use butter, Ritz, Garlic salt and park cheese)

Friday: Pesto Pasta , Salad, Texas Toast
I omit the olives since we don't like.


  • I have the week planned out but rarely cook the assigned item for that day and go more with what we are in the mood for.
  • If any of the recipe links don't work properly you can refer to my pinterest boards. I have one for recipes to try, one for tried and true recipes, and one for failed recipes. Self explanatory. I usually comment on the pin on each board as well.
  • I try, try being the key word, to find a good balance of health, thrift, and only a few days with meat for both health and financial reasons.
  • COSTCO really , really is a good idea. trust me.
  • You can follow me on instagram to see pictures of what I cook every day 
  • I plan for 5 meals a week because we eat leftovers for lunch and the other 2 days. Meals that make a ton or enough to freeze half I will notate. Gonna be doing that soon with baby coming this summer!


AWD said...

I adore this format! I have tried a couple times to do a Menu Monday but it got all confusing with links and recipes and whatnot. I might copy you (with linkback) if that's ok!

Laura Graham said...

@ AWD of course! Please send me a link to yours as I always need new recipes! Gonna try to post this every week if I can!

Cary said...

Exactly which night did you want me for dinner? They all look delicious!

AWD said...

I did it! I think Rowan watched like 3 cartoons because it took me so long haha:-)

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