Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail!

We took our annual trip to the Easter Bunny today! I am so sad that no one has a cute ( white) Easter bunny that is not wearing some tacky garb. I am sincerely thinking that I will order and own an Easter Bunny costume for Erik to wear every year at our Easter Brunch that way everyone can get some cute , low stress Easter pics. Not to mention, save some $! I could have 2 Easter Bunny costumes by now for how much these little mall pictures cost! HA

This year I tried to talk up the Easter Bunny a lot and I told him that the EB would give out      " chocolate eggs" aka Cadburry Eggs( his cryptonite).  He did smile long enough to grab that egg from the Bunny's hand and then he wanted out of there! But not far far away. He was perfectly happy to blow kisses and wave and smile at the Easter Bunny from the checkout table!... just not within touching distance. He especially loves tap dancing around in those Sunday shoes on the mall floor. 

I learned the hard way last year that finding an Easter themed photo frame is impossible, so I snatched one up at the Mall Easter Bunny stand and I think it is so cute! 

Frames of years past!

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