Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

YAY ! Almost closing in on the end of the 2nd Trimester! 

Symptoms: I am for realz pregnant now. Everything was pretty easy up until this point. My body HURTS and I sleep like crap. Those are my biggest complaints. I still have " pregnancy cold" so also get really stuffed up at night. I can take some killer naps during the day though! 
Occasional Sciatic nerve tweaks. 

Weight Gain:  22.5 lbs. This is generally the stage of pregnancy when I start to really gain weight. My doctor said he is not worried with my weight gain due to big baby history and the fact that ALOT of it is fluid, so that is good news for losing it post birth.

Belly Growth:  39" so about 7" added since week 5
My belly is getting bigger by the day, but it is SO MUCH LOWER with this pregnancy than it was with Fenn, that it is very uncomfortable. Did any of you have that experience? The heaviness of it pulling on my body is awful. I tried to buy a support garment called " A belly Bra" and I think it would have been awesome if I was not so tall. I have a long torso which makes this belly bra not long enough to fit me properly :( so disappointed. Can anyone else recommend something of this nature?

Baby News: I need a name for this baby. I can not come up with anything, and I am NOT an indecisive person! This is killing me. Erik has already picked his name and now I need to pick one that will go with it and I just can't decide. Every name I like he hates!  For the love of monogramming, I need a NAME!
This girl kicks all day long, and jams out in there. She enjoys everything I eat and loves Cadburry eggs like her momma and big bro.

Yes please! I have to eat like 8 meals a day to keep from starving. My current obsession ( other than Cadburry eggs) is Lucky Charms. How disgusting! But I am mowing through box after box.  I remember panicking with my 1st pregnancy about how crappy my eating habits were and I was worried they would stay that way, but everything went back to normal after the baby so here is hoping that is the case this time as well. 

Big Bro:

This little scrompy could not be cuter! I just love all these new phases he is into right now where he can talk, sing, and show interest in things he likes, or communicate that interest.
He is full of spunk and attitude too which has been spending lots of time in the time out chair when his ears are not working.

- He is really into singing and imitating still. I love watching him copy EVERYTHING his daddy does, and stuff he sees on TV too like dance moves etc.
- He has ( for unknown reasons) started racing all through the house chasing Ralphie and saying " RARRRRRRWWWRRR" while he does it. He will crawl over and under anything in the process. Poor ralphie is a good sport but I do have to intervene often and give the poor dog a break.
- He asks me often to watch " ipppooo momma" which means the Baby Einstein with the Hippo on the front that is about musical instruments. Then he goes to his playroom and brings out his piano, guitar and a table that he pretends is a drum and he copies what the characters on the screen do to play each one. He hums the classical music REAL loud too and will often dance to it.
- He basically NEVER stops moving! 
- Still doing well with sleeping in his big boy bed. He really loves that bed and just even playing in it. The other night Ralphie kept trying to get me up, barking and so forth because Fenn was laying close to the edge of his bed, and sure enough he fell out of it! Erik put him back in and he pretty much never woke up during the process, although he cried out when he fell. Gotta give ole Ralphie props for watching after his little master so diligently and having good intuition.

 and here is my little rockstar singing Rhianna " Diamonds" He also really loves some Taylor swift! You can see how serious he is about it! HA


Julie Bray said...

You look awesome! So what name has Erik picked out?
I have to say, I do not like the song "Diamonds" but I sure do like it when Fenn sings it!

Marilyn Bell said...

So cute! Sing it, Fenn!

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