Monday, March 18, 2013

Attention all Boy Mommas...

For the LOVE, can some of you guys explain to me how to get the stains from every day life out of your boys clothes? 
Lately I have been trying to wash clothes like normal but do a soak cycle if stained stuff is in there, and add oxiclean oh and also pre-treat stain with Resolve spray. STILL it does not work. 
What am I doing wrong? Or is Peebs just like the messiest kid ever? 

Also I joined the train of bloggers moving from Google Reader to Blog Lovin. Link below AND they have a sweet iPhone/ipad app!

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Marilyn Bell said...

I just throw them out. I buy on clearance so it doesn't hurt that much ;) And I avoid white shirts.

Now, if you know a good trick for getting blue ink out of carpet I need that :(

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh I know all about this! I use the 7th generation oxy stuff and really love it. On Trey's white tees (even appliqué ones) I use the Clorox bleach pens. I just make sure that they dry before I throw them in the wash so that the bleach doesn't get on anything else. I just bought the pen for colors so I'll let you know how that works. I also sometimes throw some blue dawn dish soap in exceptionally dirty loads. It really seems to help.

I hope this helps some!!! These boys are SO DIRTY!!!!

Rachael Boutwell said...

Girl, i can't help you with kid stains. Sorry :-( I am a HUGE OxyClean fan, but I use both, the spray on stain stuff and the powder, mixed in my laundry detergent. Those help with red mud "Hubby works in the woods" stains.

Can I please tell you that I just today saw the notice on Google that Google reader was going away. Then the panic started. I caught myself and said "Laura will have a solution, I know she will." Let me just say YOU ROCK!!! Panic attack over with! Thanks for sharing BlogLovin.

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