Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentimes Day!

We had an absolutely jam packed buy lovely Valentimes today! Bubs was off work, we had an ultrasound and got to see the baby girl, Fenn had school, and then we went as a family delivering Valentimes to some special ladies ( neighbors, ladies in our church, and special friends). 
We had SO much fun. He loved going up to the doors and would knock and repeatedly ring the door bell HA. He carried the chocolates and a card, and I carried the flowers. He also said " Happy Valentines Day" although it was not easy to understand.
( does he not look 87 feet tall in this pic?!)

 I also bought him 2 rawhide Doggie Valentines from Target for his doggles and he LOVED handing those out!  Flossie is not interested in hers and he keeps following her around the house with it trying to re-gift it.

 I love this sweet little picture of my tiny cupid!
We still had a few Valentines that we didn't get to see! We ran out of time as my parents were arriving in town and we had a lovely dinner with them. He was so happy to see his Bebe and PawPaw and Bebe brought him a special "Super Why" magic wand.  ( he loves Superwhy!) and Paw Paw brought him an "uptake" ( a.k.a. Cupcake) which he really enjoyed! 

I think this will be a yearly tradition as it was so fun and a great excuse to pop in and visit the ones we love!  Happy Valentimes to everyone out there!

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Jessica said...

You look beautiful, and he is a handsome little man. So tall!

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