Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updates on PB's Food and Speech Therapy

I get lots of emails about this topic, so this is an update for those interested parties. 

Yesterday we had both Occupational Therapy ( for food) and Speech Therapy and he had a really great day in both. The women who teach those are really amazing people. I am always shocked at what they can get out of him.  It is customary that at the end of each hour I go in and talk to the teacher, and yesterday when  I walked in OT he was sitting so studiously in a chair at a table following some good instructions and he was speaking sentences, which immediately brought tears to my eyes, and i whipped out my iphone to record. I didn't do a good job because I was so excited and wanted to praise him and see him doing it again, but he does ask for what he wants ( instead of jerking it out of her hand) and he says please! 

His OT has confirmed that his eating issues stem from a very sensitive gag reflex and are  sensory related, so a legit developmental issue, not just him being a picky toddler.  One of the bigger obstacles, or stepping stones in treating kids with food issues is getting them to put new food in their mouth, ( and always reassuring them its cool for them to spit it out if necessary). He put several new foods in his mouth yesterday, and chewed them and even swallowed like 3 of them! That is HUGE! 
He tried : Pretzels, Mandarin Oranges, Mandarin Orange Juice, Apples, Apricot Apple Sauce, Cheese Puffs, Swiss Cheese Deli Slice, Babybell Cheese, grapes, Turkey Deli Meat, Cauliflower raw. 

He swallowed the Pretzels, Juice, Apples, Apple sauce, Cheese Puffs, Swiss Cheese, Babybell cheese!
Y'all that is HUGE.
He was most irritated by the oranges and would only touch with his hand but not put hear his mouth.
Remember his approved/acceptable foods are: Nutrigrain bars, waffles, oreos, mashpacks, buffalo pretzels, goldfish and thats about it. Sometimes he will have something else but we rely on smoothies for nutrition obvi!

I am expecting a lot of progress here soon because he has just started a new phase, of putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.( water bottle caps, marker tops, fingers, pennies, etc) So annoying but at the same time he never did this as a baby , which is an important developmental thing where they learn discovery of textures and tastes and swallowing and such, so now that he is doing it, I expect his ability to eat and chew and swallow and all to improve!

Here is his food report card from yesterday:

And then it was on to speech therapy where he was "Talking a blue streak" Praise JESUS. He says so many things these days it is pointless to a make a list. He copies tons of what we say and do, as well as has spontaneous chatter. He enjoys bossing the dogs around a lot and i have to watch how I reprimand the dogs because he will def repeat it. Almost his first words after waking up in the morning is " shut it ralphie" which is what i say instead of " SHUT UP RALPHIE!!" ( he barks non stop in the morning because he wants me to get Fenn out of bed so badly).
His speech therapist says we don't normally worry about pronunciation until age 3, but she did help him learn to say "MINE" or " MY" instead of " I" or " Ine" He kind of half says some words, or starts any word with an H.  so when he counts he says " un, ooo, heee, hoooo" pretty cute if you ask a momma, but  I know it's important to teach proper speech.

I caught only the tale end of it here but he was saying " My turn" and pronouncing it properly like she taught him. One of his greatest strengths is that he learns QUICK. You tell him or show him something pretty much once and its engraved to his little brain.  For instance his daddy so smartly took a vent cover off recently in front of him and now he goes around pulling vents out of the floor and trying to stash stuff in them.!

So that is a pretty thorough update on all our developments and therapies. His has grown SO much and learned so much from when we first started all of this and I am forever grateful that we started and that our state provides such awesomeness. Feel free to ask questions if you have any because it is hard to remember everything when writing posts like these!

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