Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trip to Orlando/Disney/Sea World..

We recently went to Orlando, FL to visit Erik's grandparents. His maternal grandmother Tubby lives in Orlando and his paternal grandfather " Granpa" and his wife Glo live near Orlando in Sebastain. We usually come about once a year and fly down, however this year after consulting the ole Dave Ramsey budget.. we did things differently. We DROVE down. It was kind of a fun road trip and peebs did really well, even though he did not nap ONCE on the 12 hour drive down. We stopped at 2 McDonalds playgrounds for him to play at and he loves every minute of that! 

 Thanks to Marilyn, I discovered that people rent their vacation homes in Orlando and as it turns out that was MUCH cheaper than us getting a hotel ( less than $99 a night) AND the one we got was 3 bedrooms with kitchen and all sorts of ammenities because it was in a resort. 
Can we just sidebar and talk about how much better ANY trip is when you don't share a bedroom with your child. Can I get an AMEN?  Also? This condo came with a crib, pack n Play and high chair! It was just like staying in someone else's house! Crazy! Free WiFi! 
I could go on and on but I just share this for those of you that ever aspire to visit Disney World, these rental houses are about 5 minutes out side of Disney and so much more affordable. ( probably more during the big seasons like summer and spring break). 
The place we stayed was called Bahama Bay if anyone needs to look into it! They also had an awesome pool and playground!

Now this trip to see the grandparents, somehow, daily, morphed into quite the vacation. WE had tossed around the idea of going to Sea World since the boy loves sea animals so much, but we didn't buy tickets until the night before we went.  After that went so well, we tossed around the idea of taking him to Disney, after all we were already down there and paying for a hotel.. and so we again bought some last minute tickets and then again the next day. While walking around Disney Erik asked me " How did this trip to see Grandma and Granpa turn into a Disney Vacation?!" and I said I have no idea! 

**Giving Granpa a Kiss**

Anyway, I say all of that to say that we did go to Disney, and we did not blow it out by any means. It was a very conservative and short , "dip your toe in the huge Disney pool". We learned some things and had enough fun that we def. will want to go back when he is older and baby 2 is here to enjoy it. I will do a separate blog on that disney stuff because I am hoping you all can give some great feedback! I got the impression that Disney is the kind of trip you wanna do a lot of planning and saving for in advance.

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