Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sea World with a Toddler!

I have to tell y'all about our trip to Sea World because it was everything I never expected! I am still in shock, and so is bubs at how TOTALLY awesome it was! I rank our day at Sea World right up there in one of the best days of my life, and we have done some fun stuff! 
I should preface this by saying:  Peebs LOVES sea creatures, in particular, sea horses, whales, dolphins and sharks. Sea World is the perfect place for a boy like PB, and that is the only reason I even entertained the idea of taking a 2 year old in there to begin with.

Fenn just turned 2.5 so he was free to get in and do most everything and that was nice. We also saved a few bucks booking things online and paying and printing our tickets on the computer.

Here are some tips I learned:

- Def. have tickets in hand when you get there, so you can skip the line. Toddlers and lines are not a good combo.
- Pack more than you think you will need. I assumed we would only last a few hours because I HIGHLY underestimated Fenn's enthusiasm and stamina for fun. I needed more diapers, more wipes, more mash packs, more snacks,etc. I guess they let you bring in whatever you want because they didn't say one thing to me about the stuff I packed for him, and he ate every last bite that I brought. 
- Pack an extra set of clothes, maybe 2. Lots of splashing etc and little did we know they had a full on splash pad for smaller kids and Fenn had the time of his life there. He was SOAKING wet. Shoes and all. Wish I had known and packed for that.
- I forgot to charge my camera battery, and both bubs and I ran our iphones from 100% to 0 while there. Parent fail! We took some ridiculously awesome pics and videos before everything died though!
- Be prepared to be there all day. I was SHOCKED at how much time we spent there, with NO napping etc. Fenn normally naps 2-3 hours each day and he skipped that today and stayed up till 9pm. If you can believe it, he did all of that as happy as he could be with very few melt downs. His only time to get antsy was in restaurant, and in bleachers waiting on the show to start. 
- If you see something special in a gift shop, for Heavens sake, buy it then, not at the end of the day. I saw a Sea World Frame with 2013 on it that was perfect for Fenn's big boy room and I had to search High and LOW to find that thing at the end of the day while the park was closing! 
- All in all be prepared to spend about $500 ( give or take) like I said Fenn was Free for everything and he is our only kid so far, so that number could change quite a bit based on those facts but that includes tickets, parking, special excursion, photos, souvenirs, restaurant meal etc. 
- Schedule the extra stuff and pay for it online when you buy tickets because it does fill up/sell out quickly and its so neat. They sold out while i was buying our tickets and I asked inside the park to purchase some and they let me! 
- Don't even think about going without a stroller. If you didn't bring one then rent one. I don't know how we would have survived without our stroller. 

Things About Sea World We LOVED:

I read a blog about a mom who took her kids to sea world and one was peebs age and had similar interests and it helped me so much so here are my personal preferences that I would highly recommend if you go! Click that link to read her post as it was great!

  • The Dolphin Up Close Tour. You have to buy an extra ticket to get to do this, and it was SO WORTH IT. No lines, no crowds and getting to play with ( and touch) Dolphins. We absolutely LOVED that.  In addition they have a professional photographer taking pictures and you buy them or the whole disk which I also loved. It is nice to have pictures of such a special time and have the WHOLE family in them. 

  • The Blue Horizon Dolphin Show. All the employees kept talking about it and I assumed they were supposed to for work, but what they said was true, it was a REALLY neat and entertaining show full of dolphin tricks and tropical birds and such and it  didn't  cost anything extra.Fantastic actually .
  • The Sting Ray exhibit was really fun and we got to touch them too. 
  • The Splash pad and children's park and rides area. I had no idea that even existed and boy did my PB LOVE it. He was running and squealing with such glee it brought tears to my eyes. He was soaking wet the rest of the day and we didn't even care. They had a train to ride, carousel, etc.  Need to be 42" tall to ride most things there.

Other things to mention: One Ocean show. It was the place you got to see the whales perform and that part was fun but it was no where near the extravaganza of Blue Horizons Dolphin Show. We also ate lunch at the Shark underwater grill was was cool for sure, but we did not get a table next to the aquarium which I thought was the whole point of the reservation. We still enjoyed it and the food there is really good but its kinda fancy and expensive. I would skip that if I had known better.

We really had no idea what to expect, and we didn't set many boundaries which I think made the day more fun for everyone. If PB wanted to run free , we let him, if he wanted to ride we strolled. If he ate M&Ms or Veggies we let him decide ( he ate both, all of anything I brought). We were all pretty laid back all day and the only firm plans we had were for the Dolphin Up Close Tour and lunch. It was nice not racing around on a hectic schedule and just letting our mood dictate what we did.

I would go back to Sea World again and again if asked! It was just SO much fun. I now understand why millions of families flock down here for Disney World. 

** If you google Sea World with a Toddler and have landed here, feel free to ask questions but you must make sure you have an email address connected to your blogger Acct or I can't reply! **

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AWD said...

I'm the exact same way when we go places with our 2.5 year old. I ask my (hyper planning, mission oriented) husband, "would you rather deal with harried crazy Alison trying to get to everything we planned? or laid back go with the flow Alison that just has fun?" We did Disney that way (which no expert will ever recommend) and had the best time even when Rowan was only 20 months old.

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