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Our Day at Disney : Magic Kingdom

 First things first : We had a MARVELOUS time! I am still astounded that a 2.5 year old can enjoy something like Disney, but enjoy it he did, he squeezed every ounce of joy from that day he could, and consequently so did we.

 Watching a little dance number with Mickey and friends in front of the castle.

Riding Aladdins Magic carpets! He loved ALL rides. We would ask him, " Do you wanna ride another ride?" and he would squeal "YES!!" and then hug our neck real big. He did not love waiting in line, but he managed it thanks to his creative daddy who would distract him by asking him to count things or spell words he saw on the wall etc.

Andrea from My Chiquaqua Bites gave us some great tips and told me about these "Dole Whip" things which is like basically pineapple soft serve floats in pineapple juice. Erik said it was the best thing He has ever eaten. Thanks A!
 One of the 1st things we did when we got in was Mickey's Philharmagic or something like that, which was one of the coolest IMAX movies I have ever seen. It was short but it was interactive with huge wind gusts, water splashes and 3D imagery.  Peebs laughed and laughed. He only wore his glasses about half of the time but enough to get the experience.
 About 1/2 way through the day, Erik gave me and peebs both a time out for a poor attitude. I sat down in eatery place and relaxed and he went off with peebs in the stroller and returned with him asleep in the stroller in his shade pod. Just knowing my boy was getting a much needed power nap gave me great peace of mind. He slept in that pod for like 2 hours which gave Erik and I a chance to relax, sit down and eat and send some pics and videos to family.
That little shade piece folds up in a bag and ties to any stroller. It is called Protect-A-Bub and I highly recommend it for any active family, not just Disney Trips. It creates total shade over entire baby which also brings about cooler and darker atmosphere for napping..
 The amount of cool glow stuff at night Disney was AWESOME. I LOVE things that glow in the dark. I always have.  
Ironically, the girl who is a gift shop junkie, has a child who could give a rip about a trinket. We went in a million gift shops, none of which did he ever ask for anything. He wanted to hold or touch stuff but then would tell it bye bye and put it right back! How is that possible? 
But I bought us both a blinkie mickey necklace at night and it totally made my day. I LOVE them!  It was a great $10 souvenir.
 Disney at Night is WAY cool and more fun than the day time for sure. The toddler who goes to bed at 7pm and usually has a 3 hour nap during the day went all day till 11pm at Disney with his stroller nap, AND he did all of that with very little attitude. Guess it really is the
 " Magic Kingdom" !
Here he is at like 10pm Watching the Parade ! Party Animal. He loved the fireworks show before the parade too. 
So, some things I learned : 

  • Pack extra outfit, swim diaper and water proof shoes just incase you get wet or play in splash pads. 
  • Bring all your own snacks and drinks you want! We brought tons of stuff and they didn't say a word about it.
  • Sunscreen.duh.
  • Beach towel that can double as a blanket for fireworks watching
  • Don't sweat leaving your stroller in the stroller parking. That really worried me at first ( after the robbery I am paranoid) but everyone does it and no one steals your stuff. 
  • Cross-Body purse or diaper bag that you can attach to stroller while rolling around but carry with you on rides that holds camera, phones and important stuff like that. 
  • Buy the photo pass. You ask for it right when you come in and see the Disney photographers. Then all day long as they snap your picture they scan the card and you can buy the pics at the end of the day.  It costs some money, yes, but it is so nice to have pictures of the whole family and on such a memorable day. I think this pass will work multiple days and parks as well. DIsney sells all kinds of cute picture frames too.
  • Get and use the fast pass
  • Schedule at least one fun dinner/breakfast. Their restaurants were all neat and had good food and just something about the whole place being for kids, made me less anxious about my boys restaurant behavior. ha
Rides we did with a 2.5 Year Old : 
  • It's a Small World ( twice)
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Flying Dumbo
  • Aladdin's magic carpet
  • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin ( twice) LOVED!
  • Jungle Cruise ( fun and funny)
  • Mickey's Philharmagic ( this is the IMAX thing I think is a MUST)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
iPhone Apps for Disney:
  • Disney Mobile Magic
  • WDW Hours ( their hours change often, sometimes open till midnight, and sometimes they won't tell you till you are on site.
  • WDW Waits ( this tells you the wait for each ride without having to walk over and see)
My Pinterest Disney Board: 

Be Sure to Check out that link that reviews ALL of the Disney Resorts and Properties on my pinterest board! 

I know lots of you have been to Disney, are going or go often so please leave comments about any tips you have or favorite things you did, where you stayed etc.

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