Monday, February 4, 2013

January Resolutions Status : Budgeting and Cooking

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you have probably seen lots of pictures of food! I am using an app called #project365 to keep myself accountable for cooking every day that is possible ( which goes hand in hand with my budgeting resolution). Food continues to be our biggest expense, even with meal planning and this is something I am really focused on changing in 2013 , but without making any compromises to quality ( i.e. organic, no hormones , genetically modified etc.)
Here are some screen shots of the cooking for January, and you can see I missed quite a few days. At the end of the month, I ran out of budget money for grocery and had to get creative, ha! YOu can see most of the recipes I am making on my pinterest board by clicking HERE. I usually comment on my instagram photo and on pinterest if they were any good or not.

Budgeting.. Dave Ramsey style! I still have not finished reading my Dave Ramsey book because I have been so tired at bedtime these days. I will tell you that I think the book and the software were BOTH worth it. I have learned a ton from that book already and all of the things about money that I found so intimidating , like saving for retirement, are explained in that book in really easy language and now I feel empowered because I have a plan, and it is one that makes sense and I feel confident in. ( I say "I" because I am the money manager of our family).
The software is super fun and useful when working on your categories of spending. I can see how it will take a few months to get this down perfectly. Budgeting works on lots of areas of your life, for instance planning and thinking ahead ( 2 things I am terrible at) but now i have to think about what is coming, and plan for what I want, so that the budget stays on track. I am actually enjoying it! I feel so much more responsible, and I feel like I am making better decisions because of how much more thought has gone toward them. I don't know how to explain it very well, but the boundaries and the guidance actually do give me a lot of peace and I am drinkin the Kool-aid! Long Live Dave Ramsey!

So January, we followed the budget almost to a T. I had some leftover gas money that I had to apply toward grocery money.. tweaks like that but not craziness!

Next up is to de-clutter and sell all the junk we no longer need or use! Once I get done reading Dave Ramsey, I start with my de-clutter your life book "An  Experimental Mutiny against excess" 


Krista said...

I'm a fan of Dave Ramsey, too. I read the book. I have been successful in getting out of credit card debt and car payments thanks to his plan. I haven't ever dived into the envelope system though. Are you using envelopes?

Bo and Marie Mechinus said...

I'd love to see your recipes on instagram! I requested to follow you, I think. Your posts on cloth diapers helped me so much with my son, I found your blog about a year ago and love it!

Cary said...

I think you did darn good with your cooking girlfriend! Don't go getting too organized!

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