Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bumpdate 22 Weeks!

*** Ignore the snarky facial expression. It accompanies all the extra hormones and attitude that were delivered about week 20*** 
That's my Kim Kardashian Maternity outfit ( all black ! ha!) and might have something to do with the fact that I have outgrown my maternity jeans! I refuse to buy new ones with summer so close and Dave Ramsey whispering in my ear!

By the time this posts, I should be 22 weeks. Nothing happens on time around here lately!
 I am feeling better lately than I have most of this pregnancy, however I can no longer forget that I am pregnant.
My belly popped right around 20 weeks, and now I am getting into the uncomfortable stage where sleeping is harder, and bending over not really possible.

  • Still have major sinus issues, which I am guessing will be the case with the entire pregnancy due to nasal swelling ...
  • Some minor ligament pain
  • I feel like my belly is super low, which the doctor said is a 2nd pregnancy symptom
  • She moves ALL the time and I can feel everything, even with an anterior placenta, which really surprised my doc!
  • might be getting pretty feisty... 
  • My blood pressure is still really low which makes me get kinda winded easily but not too big of a deal other than annoying!
  • I eat all day long lately. Constantly hungry. Yikes!
Weight Gain : Approx. 17 pounds.. which is ALOT but, my mother's intuition and this last ultrasound leads me to believe I am growing another Dinosaur baby so I guess the weight is needed. 

Belly Growth: Several inches! Probably about to go up a size in maternity clothes and bras.

Baby News : We had another ultrasound with the doctor and she is definately a girl! She moves CONSTANTLY and I can now see my belly move with some of her kicking. We think we have the name picked out, but for some reason I am having trouble fully committing to it! 
She has long arms and legs and they measured and checked everything and it showed all healthy and normal development which is always nice to hear! 

Foods I am enjoying: anything and everything. I can't stop eating this week!

Big Brother : My precious little Toddler is so full of life and change lately. I can't imagine him being any more perfect or more fun.  He has been talking so much more lately and just enjoyed a get away to Sea World & Disney World in Florida.  
We just  transitioned him into his big boy bed this week, on a whim really, and he has not missed a beat. He just lays down and goes to sleep like normal.
He also tried some new foods today! Hummus and Peanut Butter ! ( he has refused peanut butter since he was 1).

I had a slightly crazy thought today about changing his middle name so his sister could have it! Crazytown USA. But seriously... we could name her Anne Sparkman and Fenn's new middle name could be Michael after my daddy....
the name issue is killing me!



Julie Bray said...

You look awesome!
I can't wait to hear the final name. Anne was not what I expected. I hadn't hear that as even a possibility till now.....I like it

Courtney said...

Looking great!! Glad things are going pretty well, minus the sinus stuff.

Not gonna lie, Anne Sparkman is cute. BUT whatever name you pick, whenever you decide will be perfect for her, so don't stress!

The Macons said...

Oh my dear! We miss y'all, but while I have little say, how's about Anne Michael?

Cary said...

You look great Laura, even with no smile there! I am tickled you are naming this one after me!! You know, my legal name is "Anne". hahaha!

Julie Bray said...

oh! I like Anne Michael! (; no need to change Fenn's name. His is perfect for him...... and whatever you choose for baby girl will be perfect for her too!

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