Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We were robbed! and other weekend updates..

It has been rather eventful over in Grizawood lately. Thursday night someone broke into our garage, by sawing through the wooden door and just went shopping in there. We had not completely moved everything in and unpacked yet so they had a field day and cleaned house. That is the very short version of a  much bigger story, but it makes me too upset to talk about it anymore. I  share this  to remind everyone to be safe. Guess I will be back to taking pictures of every guy that works on this house ( remember when I used to do that?!)

In more fun news, our buddies The Latimers came to visit us from Birmingham for the weekend. They have a 4 year old daughter Margaret Anne, and boy did Peebs love her.  He loved having a pal, and they ran and played and giggled up a storm. It was so funny to hear him calling after her and trying to say her name, I don't think I have ever heard him call another child by name.
Margaret Anne,  like every other kid on the planet loved her some Erik! See evidence below. 

 They played ipad a little... 
and Ralphie and Flossie acted like Hays and Mere were their long lost parents. Look at Ralphie all snuggled up:
I get a kick out of the contrast of Star Wars jammers and princess Jammers..

Sunday Night we took peebs to the circus.  It was something else.. and I realized I am not much of a circus girl. I don't know what I expected but I was thinking it was about animals. It was very little about animals and more singing and acrobatics like cirque de soliel or something.. 

Anyway.. enough about what I thought , the real story is peebs and his 2.5 year old view... 
You can see that serious face of interest below:

He enjoyed the horses, the elephants and the motorcycles and I think even the ninjas , which I thought was ridiculous ( ninjas at the circus?)... but he clapped every time they did anything.  as in every 10 seconds. It was adorable.  The hard part was the acts he was bored for.. keeping him still and comfortable because of how tight the seating was. We also had a redneck in front of us who was annoyed with peebs for accidentally kicking his cowboy hat. I apologized to the man and he was pretty rude to me.
So it was a good experience for him to have and  I don not forsee us ever having it again. HA 

 I sent my mom this picture on my iphone of peebs and flossie and she had someone paint it. Isn't it awesome? Here is a link to the lady who did it ( a blogger chick) if you are interested in having her paint something for you 

and.. that is all the updates for now. More later on my January progress with Dave Ramsey, cooking and stuff like that!


The Macons said...

Oh that painting is amazing! I love it!

Cheryl Enlow said...

Oh no I am so sorry to hear that. But at least your family is safe. The circus looks so fun and I love his straight face reaction..totally taking it all in.

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