Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Year and Some Changes!

Last year I made several resolutions and I don't know if I ever really blogged about them or even acknowledged them fully, other than I just had a lot of goals for 2012. I am pleased to say that most of them were accomplished, even the silly little ones!

FaceTime - it occurred to me last year that I spent too much time online and not enough facetime with our IRL friends so I spent lots of time scheduling to have people over for dinner and it was so much fun, and gave me great practice on my cooking so I really enjoyed it. I plan  to do this in 2013 too, because as we get older I realize that very little happens if you don't schedule it in.

Budget - I will call 2012 the "soft" round of learning to budget and be more financially responsible. While we are not bad with debt, we still manage money terribly and did not follow any budget at all before 2012, but last year I did lots of planning and reading and figured out what percentage of income should go where and started working at that. Our biggest trouble issue, oddly enough , is FOOD. (I would have thought it was my shopping :) ) so I did much more meal planning and cooking, but still not enough. This year, I am currently reading Dave Ramsey and we are starting a hard core budget. Hard Core. I'm skerred.

Menu planning - I did very well with this last year but still not perfected. When we moved in August both budget and meal planning went out the window. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and I was fighting for sanity. 2013 brings back the menu planning discipline.

Dressing better - I spent the last several years looking pretty shabby. Not getting dressed in real clothes or makeup etc because I stay at home a lot but in 2012 I made a solid effort to buy myself some cuter clothes and wear make up and get dressed. Most days I do! Not always tho.. ha 

Taking better care of my skin - Last year I bought a clarisonic, and I still really like it and am glad i bought it. It has helped my skin tremendously. I also started trying to wash my face more and use anti-aging creams and all that jazz. i was probably about 40% successful. Sunscreen every day though!

Exercising Regularly - and in particular I wanted to become a runner since my husband is so passionate about it. I still can not believe how well I did with that. I trained and ran my first 5K in 2012. I worked out very consistently from February - October. I have not run since Oct 27th when I did the 5K and almost died because I just knew I was pregnant ( and I was). I have been too sick to hit the gym but I am gonna try to get back to that. I enjoyed it and once it became a part of my routine it was not really a big deal at all. I was probably in the best shape of my life in 2012, which is a great way to start a pregnancy.

Get Back in Church -  I grew up going to church 3 times a week almost all my life , and then sporadically went over the college and young adulthood. Becoming a mom made me ashamed that I did not have an established church routine for my boy and my family and I got right on that. All I can really say is that I was shocked how much I have enjoyed it, rather than dreaded it, and I have very much regretted waiting so long to do that. In fact, that same regret is one of my biggest motivators for budgeting better, I feel like once I accomplish it and get it the routine I will be so proud, and it wont be hard once we get adjusted. Hope so anyway.

Read More: I love TV but recognized that I needed to wind down with a book at night and read more. According to my goodreads account I only read 7 books last year, but that is false. It won't update the dates for unknown reasons. It is more like 15 probably, but that is much better than the 1 or 2 a year I would read on vacation in the past. This year I am gonna shoot for 20 and have really enjoyed all of the reading lists you guys have been publishing in the blogosphere!

and i had some smaller silly goals too, like quit wearing my hair pulled back in a ponytail or knot 24-7 so that my hair would get healthier, learning to bake some sweets so I could provide for birthday parties and the like. 

2013 will be more of the same, just kind of tweaking old goals that I feel really good about like church and budget. 

I also want to wean the computer etc out of my life a smidge. I need to be more present with my family, and especially my boy. and not with just the computer but in general I am always pre-occupied with something, so I am gonna practice letting that go and not trying to multi-task my way through the day, be a better listener, and for heavens sake, hopefully remember things that people tell me.

Prayer. I started last year with keeping an actual written prayer list and fervently praying for people, and following through when I tell someone I will pray for you. If I don't write it down I forget. If I have told you that I have been praying for you, then you know that means every day! I have a serious prayer time after my devotion every morning. I have learned alot about prayer over the past few months and am happy to continue with that.

Financial Discipline and cutting out the excess. I am a person who loves shopping and loves stuff. Too much. Our move made that painfully clear and I plan to start getting rid of stuff this year, by reading a book (An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess) and working on a different area of our life every month until we have cleared out the clutter. Perfect timing since Dave Ramsey is gonna snatch my shopping funds and put them into a savings account.

Transition Peebs
Time for a big boy room, a big boy bed, some potty training and being a little more self sufficient before baby comes!

and that is probably all for 2013 since we will be bringing home a new baby in the summer. If I remember correctly that will pretty much rock our world so no need to over do it! ha 

Happy New Year!


Susannah said...

Proud of you momma! That's a lot of goals! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

I second Sus - those are awesome goals - lots of goals - you can do it!

The Macons said...

You're an awesome wife and momma! These are some good goals!

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