Sunday, January 6, 2013

New York NYE & Anniversary Trip Re-Cap

Erik and I headed to New York for a week to celebrate our Anniversary and New Years Eve. We both had a fantastic time and did lots of stuff, highlights below.

Night 1 we had dinner with one of my best girls from Auburn +brooke haney  & her man Sam in a cool little Asian restaurant. It was great seeing them again and getting all caught up!  It was one of the few times during the trip that I was so distracted that I forgot how tired I was! ha

 I certainly ate my way through New York. I wanted to take advantage of all the different ethnic food there. Below is us having lunch in Little italy.
 and some street cart food. I love stuff like that. I prefer dives to fancy restaurants and street carts are just like that but cheaper and quicker so you can eat at several different ones! My fav is the one below of different empanadas .. I was eating one stuffed with jambalaya.
 chillin in our winter gear
 Cory and Chad also came to NYC and we had some girl dates while our dudes were at Phish! Below we were at The Lion King :
 My new bling bling iphone case from Chinatown! LOVE.
 The HUGE Toys-R-Us in Times Square. I do not think I am capable of the type of patience required for Times Square on New Years Week, at least not while pregnant.
 More Food! We had some awesome Dim Sum in China Town and what a neat experience.  I apologize for all the twitter and instagram pics of food these days y'all but..... lets just say that food is more interesting these days

It was a really great trip! Bubs had 4 nights of Phish and I had several days of no parenting, shopping, eating out, breakfast in bed and sleeping in. It was pretty amazing! Shout out to my parents and family for watching and keeping our boy! He had a GREAT time in Monroeville and if you can believe it, he started calling my mother MOMMA!  Little joker! and he called my Aunt " Momma CC".  He also got some quality time with his cousin, who he loved and mimicked when Fenn wasn't trying to swat at him. they were quite hilarious.
 Fenn & PawPaw. This picture Not sure why.
 and he did lots of snacking off my dad and bro's plates. My daddy has been having Dora withdrawals since peebs left !

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Susannah said...

So so fun and cute! Did Erik cut his beloved hair?

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