Monday, January 7, 2013

Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

I just hit 15 weeks the other day and all is going well for the most part. This pregnancy is still super different than my 1st.

  • All day sickness has past, for the most part. 
  • I SWEAR I can feel this baby kick/move. I know that's early but I googled it and apparently it is possible.
  • I have these odd bouts of claustrophobia. It is the weirdest thing but in crowded spaces especially if it is hot I feel sick and jittery.sometimes overwhelmingly so.. which is very frustrating.
  • I get winded very easily, like climbing stairs or even chauffeuring peebs to time out almost wears me out! ha pathetic!
  • serious sinus issues, which I had some of with peebs but more severe this time. My nose stays so swollen I can't breathe through it most of the time.
  • Every time I eat something sweet, my mouth gets super dry ! :( I miss my sugar!

I have gained about 6 pounds so far. Not too bad. Most of it is going to my sides making some nice new saddle bags, which I guess will be needed to hold up another gigantor belly. 

Foods I am enjoying: Perrier with a lime is so refreshing right now. For some reason anything sweet makes my tongue feel so dry ( for hours) so I am trying to avoid soft drinks or things of that nature.  I still crave real flavorful things. When we were in NYC I tried to eat every ethnic food available.  Clementines are pretty tasty too. 

Big Brother
Is doing well. He has TONS of issues with sharing , being nice to others etc, which we are gonna really focus on over the next few months. We are also making lots of transitions soon. Big boy room coming up! I have yet to clean out all of the crap in that room that is currently a " junk room".
He has really started talking more within the last few weeks which is wonderful. 

We are gonna go for an elective ultrasound next week I think, to try and find out the gender. I am dying to know. So far, I still think it's a girl!

**FYI I am using a new app called instacollage to make the picture above. It allows for collages, text, borders and instagram uploading.***


The Macons said...

Oh I hope girl girl girl! You better text me from the table girl!

Cheryl Enlow said...

OMG Congrats! I dont know how I missed that you were PG! Yay!!

Krista said...

I can't stand sweets this pregnancy either. And it is killing me because I usually have such a sweet tooth!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

You look so stinkin cute!! SO exciting that you're going to find out the gender soon!!! :)

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