Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We were robbed! and other weekend updates..

It has been rather eventful over in Grizawood lately. Thursday night someone broke into our garage, by sawing through the wooden door and just went shopping in there. We had not completely moved everything in and unpacked yet so they had a field day and cleaned house. That is the very short version of a  much bigger story, but it makes me too upset to talk about it anymore. I  share this  to remind everyone to be safe. Guess I will be back to taking pictures of every guy that works on this house ( remember when I used to do that?!)

In more fun news, our buddies The Latimers came to visit us from Birmingham for the weekend. They have a 4 year old daughter Margaret Anne, and boy did Peebs love her.  He loved having a pal, and they ran and played and giggled up a storm. It was so funny to hear him calling after her and trying to say her name, I don't think I have ever heard him call another child by name.
Margaret Anne,  like every other kid on the planet loved her some Erik! See evidence below. 

 They played ipad a little... 
and Ralphie and Flossie acted like Hays and Mere were their long lost parents. Look at Ralphie all snuggled up:
I get a kick out of the contrast of Star Wars jammers and princess Jammers..

Sunday Night we took peebs to the circus.  It was something else.. and I realized I am not much of a circus girl. I don't know what I expected but I was thinking it was about animals. It was very little about animals and more singing and acrobatics like cirque de soliel or something.. 

Anyway.. enough about what I thought , the real story is peebs and his 2.5 year old view... 
You can see that serious face of interest below:

He enjoyed the horses, the elephants and the motorcycles and I think even the ninjas , which I thought was ridiculous ( ninjas at the circus?)... but he clapped every time they did anything.  as in every 10 seconds. It was adorable.  The hard part was the acts he was bored for.. keeping him still and comfortable because of how tight the seating was. We also had a redneck in front of us who was annoyed with peebs for accidentally kicking his cowboy hat. I apologized to the man and he was pretty rude to me.
So it was a good experience for him to have and  I don not forsee us ever having it again. HA 

 I sent my mom this picture on my iphone of peebs and flossie and she had someone paint it. Isn't it awesome? Here is a link to the lady who did it ( a blogger chick) if you are interested in having her paint something for you 

and.. that is all the updates for now. More later on my January progress with Dave Ramsey, cooking and stuff like that!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Peebs 2.5 Year Update & Videos!

Dec. 28th was Peebs half birthday and it certainly marked lots of developmental changes. I would say December in general he made lots of changes. He is really so much fun right now and so cute.

He has recently taken a different interest in the dogs. He has started mimicking us and the way we take care of them and certainly what we say to them. First thing when he wakes up now he tells Ralphie to go outside and he opens the door for them. For reasons unknown to me, he only ever really addresses Ralphie " Rahee" and ignores Flossie.  He also likes to put food in their bowl and tell them to "hoosh" when they bark too much and tell them " No no RAHEE" while pointing his finger at him.  Erik let him help bathe them too. So now daily, he feeds them, lets them outside and gives them treats, and tells on them for anything and everything.


He is finally really starting his talking. SUCH.A.RELIEF. on many levels. I love hearing his sweet little voice and what he has to say or do. When I get him out of the crib he says " HI momma" in such a sweet way. He also gets really excited when Erik comes home from work and hugs him a ton, opens the door for him ( he can hear the garage door opening) and says "HI DAHEE"over and over. SOOO cute.

  • No is a new favorite word. Even when he doesn't mean it he still loves to be able to say it. 
  • He is the best mimic-er you have ever seen. It is especially funny if he immitates a cartoon by yelling or grunting or whatever emotion they are displaying. 
  • He watched his 1st Disney Movie NEMO in the car on the way home from my parents and he calls him NeNo and still asks for him from time to time and repeats lines in the movie a lot, which amuses me.
  • He is really REALLY into counting ( again, can't explain why) but he counts pretty much everything. He can go to 20 but he struggles after that and his pronunciation is not perfect.
  • Singing. He tries to sing all the time now and usually does wild dancing at the same time. You can rarely understand what he is singing but will recognize the tune.


We are really working on some stuff before the new baby and he has done very well with all his new responsibilities.
  • Drinking from regular cups, we try this not every time, but at least once a day. He has not spilled yet, but sometimes is tempted to play in it... 
  • Peeing in the potty , he is up to about 4 times a day. He never asks to go, he just agrees to go sometimes when I ask. He consistently goes every night before bed.
  • Helping do little chores: throw away his trash, put his clothes in the hamper, clean up after himself ( which he only does if we sing that clean up song). Getting things for himself, for instance if he wants a snack I will ask him to bring me a plate or bowl for it etc.
  • brushing his teeth. He is obsessed! The kid who used to fight like a wild animal if you brushed his teeth, now goes to the bathroom 18 times a day and does it himself for fun.


Making progress but still a lot of work to do! I have learned some really helpful tricks from his therapists. It blows my mind that I can ask him the same question in different ways and get different results. 2 completely different reactions really, so doing things their way has helped a ton.

  • Transitioning between activities for instance can be an issue, but his therapists just tell everything bye-bye and he is fine with it. " Bye-Bye Paint" etc and then he does not lose his mind when I clean up the paint. But if I were to say " Time to clean up our paint stuff, it would be some screaming. Anytime he changes what he is doing he says bye bye. He also claps anytime a song on the radio ends and says " YAY" ha.. 
  • Sharing. we are really practicing this a lot so that he will be better behaved with other children. If I tell him , " My turn" he is fine with taking turns but if I say anything different or just take my turn he will have a meltdown and try to snatch. So now I am trying to " lead the play" or be the one to decide what we are doing most of the time so that he can get used to following rules and instruction etc.
  • Cleaning up after himself ( discussed above) but we now enforce that he must pick up after himself and not have 30 things out all at once.
  • Saying please, thank you, excuse me and sorry. He is a rockstar with these, so much so that he will correct Erik or I if we forget to say one which makes me laugh.
  • I have noticed lately how much he really likes routine and sameness. He remembers every little detail of every little thing and expects it to be the same each time. His memory is unbelievable.
  • Playing well with others. He has just started playing with other kids reather than next to them. He had his friend Walker over this week and was pushing him all over the house in the firetruck which totally shocked me and cracked me up. He also ( this week) was nice to Walker's little brother Fletch for the 1st time ever. He normally tries to snatch from him etc. This week he interacted with him, and kind of "talked " to him.


His favorite things right now are:

  • Dora! Everything about her. 
  • Brushing his teeth
  • His favorite color is RED, and anytime he does painting he asks me for the RED paint.
  • Puzzles, shapes and numbers. 
  • dancing
  • Art projects of all types. He really loves painting.
  • running, wrestling, screeching and in general craziness
  • DEF a daddy's boy these days
  • pretending to  talk on the phone. He says " He-woah, yeah, yeah, RIGHT, ugh huh, BYE".
  • Washing Dishes. HE does this usually several times a day in his kitchen helper
  • swishing water in his mouth. He learned that trick watching daddy brush his teeth and he walks around swishing spit all day. Quite proud of himself too.
  • Counting. He is totally into counting everything he can.

Still sleeping from about 7pm- 7am. He will lay in bed sometimes till 9pm before he falls asleep and of coarse that bedtime varies when we have other things going on. He is napping anywhere from 2- 3 hours a day at 12:30.

I am sure I am forgetting lots of stuff I wanted to include but that is the jist of all the toddler fun we are having around here. I thank GOD every day for this precious boy and the fact that he can now talk. It is SO much fun hearing what he has to say!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentines Decor!

To take the sting off removing Christmas decor we put out the Valentimes decorations! I LOVE decorating for every holiday.  We had the Keltons over for dinner last night and I think ole Kelto was a little thrown by my January Valentines themed dinner but I explained to him that if you wait till Feb to decorate you only have 2 weeks to enjoy the decorations! ha

These pillows were my purchase of Valentine decor this year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are from JoAnne's and I had a coupon for 65% off so they ended up being about $10 each! They are much cuter in person because you can see the blue ticking detail better. 
 Dining Room Table Setting

I really enjoy decorating the built-ins in this house:

and my buddy has a whole slew of Valentine Plates and such! Aunt Marti has given him the Valentine place setting from Pottery Barn Kids every year and he really studies those cartoons on the cups. I think their vintage looking valentine stuff is SO cute.
My Pinterest Valentines Board:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

I just hit 15 weeks the other day and all is going well for the most part. This pregnancy is still super different than my 1st.

  • All day sickness has past, for the most part. 
  • I SWEAR I can feel this baby kick/move. I know that's early but I googled it and apparently it is possible.
  • I have these odd bouts of claustrophobia. It is the weirdest thing but in crowded spaces especially if it is hot I feel sick and jittery.sometimes overwhelmingly so.. which is very frustrating.
  • I get winded very easily, like climbing stairs or even chauffeuring peebs to time out almost wears me out! ha pathetic!
  • serious sinus issues, which I had some of with peebs but more severe this time. My nose stays so swollen I can't breathe through it most of the time.
  • Every time I eat something sweet, my mouth gets super dry ! :( I miss my sugar!

I have gained about 6 pounds so far. Not too bad. Most of it is going to my sides making some nice new saddle bags, which I guess will be needed to hold up another gigantor belly. 

Foods I am enjoying: Perrier with a lime is so refreshing right now. For some reason anything sweet makes my tongue feel so dry ( for hours) so I am trying to avoid soft drinks or things of that nature.  I still crave real flavorful things. When we were in NYC I tried to eat every ethnic food available.  Clementines are pretty tasty too. 

Big Brother
Is doing well. He has TONS of issues with sharing , being nice to others etc, which we are gonna really focus on over the next few months. We are also making lots of transitions soon. Big boy room coming up! I have yet to clean out all of the crap in that room that is currently a " junk room".
He has really started talking more within the last few weeks which is wonderful. 

We are gonna go for an elective ultrasound next week I think, to try and find out the gender. I am dying to know. So far, I still think it's a girl!

**FYI I am using a new app called instacollage to make the picture above. It allows for collages, text, borders and instagram uploading.***

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New York NYE & Anniversary Trip Re-Cap

Erik and I headed to New York for a week to celebrate our Anniversary and New Years Eve. We both had a fantastic time and did lots of stuff, highlights below.

Night 1 we had dinner with one of my best girls from Auburn +brooke haney  & her man Sam in a cool little Asian restaurant. It was great seeing them again and getting all caught up!  It was one of the few times during the trip that I was so distracted that I forgot how tired I was! ha

 I certainly ate my way through New York. I wanted to take advantage of all the different ethnic food there. Below is us having lunch in Little italy.
 and some street cart food. I love stuff like that. I prefer dives to fancy restaurants and street carts are just like that but cheaper and quicker so you can eat at several different ones! My fav is the one below of different empanadas .. I was eating one stuffed with jambalaya.
 chillin in our winter gear
 Cory and Chad also came to NYC and we had some girl dates while our dudes were at Phish! Below we were at The Lion King :
 My new bling bling iphone case from Chinatown! LOVE.
 The HUGE Toys-R-Us in Times Square. I do not think I am capable of the type of patience required for Times Square on New Years Week, at least not while pregnant.
 More Food! We had some awesome Dim Sum in China Town and what a neat experience.  I apologize for all the twitter and instagram pics of food these days y'all but..... lets just say that food is more interesting these days

It was a really great trip! Bubs had 4 nights of Phish and I had several days of no parenting, shopping, eating out, breakfast in bed and sleeping in. It was pretty amazing! Shout out to my parents and family for watching and keeping our boy! He had a GREAT time in Monroeville and if you can believe it, he started calling my mother MOMMA!  Little joker! and he called my Aunt " Momma CC".  He also got some quality time with his cousin, who he loved and mimicked when Fenn wasn't trying to swat at him. they were quite hilarious.
 Fenn & PawPaw. This picture Not sure why.
 and he did lots of snacking off my dad and bro's plates. My daddy has been having Dora withdrawals since peebs left !

Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Year and Some Changes!

Last year I made several resolutions and I don't know if I ever really blogged about them or even acknowledged them fully, other than I just had a lot of goals for 2012. I am pleased to say that most of them were accomplished, even the silly little ones!

FaceTime - it occurred to me last year that I spent too much time online and not enough facetime with our IRL friends so I spent lots of time scheduling to have people over for dinner and it was so much fun, and gave me great practice on my cooking so I really enjoyed it. I plan  to do this in 2013 too, because as we get older I realize that very little happens if you don't schedule it in.

Budget - I will call 2012 the "soft" round of learning to budget and be more financially responsible. While we are not bad with debt, we still manage money terribly and did not follow any budget at all before 2012, but last year I did lots of planning and reading and figured out what percentage of income should go where and started working at that. Our biggest trouble issue, oddly enough , is FOOD. (I would have thought it was my shopping :) ) so I did much more meal planning and cooking, but still not enough. This year, I am currently reading Dave Ramsey and we are starting a hard core budget. Hard Core. I'm skerred.

Menu planning - I did very well with this last year but still not perfected. When we moved in August both budget and meal planning went out the window. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and I was fighting for sanity. 2013 brings back the menu planning discipline.

Dressing better - I spent the last several years looking pretty shabby. Not getting dressed in real clothes or makeup etc because I stay at home a lot but in 2012 I made a solid effort to buy myself some cuter clothes and wear make up and get dressed. Most days I do! Not always tho.. ha 

Taking better care of my skin - Last year I bought a clarisonic, and I still really like it and am glad i bought it. It has helped my skin tremendously. I also started trying to wash my face more and use anti-aging creams and all that jazz. i was probably about 40% successful. Sunscreen every day though!

Exercising Regularly - and in particular I wanted to become a runner since my husband is so passionate about it. I still can not believe how well I did with that. I trained and ran my first 5K in 2012. I worked out very consistently from February - October. I have not run since Oct 27th when I did the 5K and almost died because I just knew I was pregnant ( and I was). I have been too sick to hit the gym but I am gonna try to get back to that. I enjoyed it and once it became a part of my routine it was not really a big deal at all. I was probably in the best shape of my life in 2012, which is a great way to start a pregnancy.

Get Back in Church -  I grew up going to church 3 times a week almost all my life , and then sporadically went over the college and young adulthood. Becoming a mom made me ashamed that I did not have an established church routine for my boy and my family and I got right on that. All I can really say is that I was shocked how much I have enjoyed it, rather than dreaded it, and I have very much regretted waiting so long to do that. In fact, that same regret is one of my biggest motivators for budgeting better, I feel like once I accomplish it and get it the routine I will be so proud, and it wont be hard once we get adjusted. Hope so anyway.

Read More: I love TV but recognized that I needed to wind down with a book at night and read more. According to my goodreads account I only read 7 books last year, but that is false. It won't update the dates for unknown reasons. It is more like 15 probably, but that is much better than the 1 or 2 a year I would read on vacation in the past. This year I am gonna shoot for 20 and have really enjoyed all of the reading lists you guys have been publishing in the blogosphere!

and i had some smaller silly goals too, like quit wearing my hair pulled back in a ponytail or knot 24-7 so that my hair would get healthier, learning to bake some sweets so I could provide for birthday parties and the like. 

2013 will be more of the same, just kind of tweaking old goals that I feel really good about like church and budget. 

I also want to wean the computer etc out of my life a smidge. I need to be more present with my family, and especially my boy. and not with just the computer but in general I am always pre-occupied with something, so I am gonna practice letting that go and not trying to multi-task my way through the day, be a better listener, and for heavens sake, hopefully remember things that people tell me.

Prayer. I started last year with keeping an actual written prayer list and fervently praying for people, and following through when I tell someone I will pray for you. If I don't write it down I forget. If I have told you that I have been praying for you, then you know that means every day! I have a serious prayer time after my devotion every morning. I have learned alot about prayer over the past few months and am happy to continue with that.

Financial Discipline and cutting out the excess. I am a person who loves shopping and loves stuff. Too much. Our move made that painfully clear and I plan to start getting rid of stuff this year, by reading a book (An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess) and working on a different area of our life every month until we have cleared out the clutter. Perfect timing since Dave Ramsey is gonna snatch my shopping funds and put them into a savings account.

Transition Peebs
Time for a big boy room, a big boy bed, some potty training and being a little more self sufficient before baby comes!

and that is probably all for 2013 since we will be bringing home a new baby in the summer. If I remember correctly that will pretty much rock our world so no need to over do it! ha 

Happy New Year!

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