Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seeeeester is 6 Months Old!

Little Anna Clarke is growing up so fast. I say that every month/week and it's super cliche cause it's super true. I can not believe she is about to start eating baby food!  I think having a 2nd child is like hitting the fast forward button on life!
This post is full of a bajillion pictures because I love being able to look  back on this stuff and I want to be able to remember all her cute Christmas outfits. Sister is my new barbie doll.

This hat looks hilarious to me. All my babies have big heads so its hard to ever find hats to fit them !
She has discovered her tongue and loves to stick it out and blow raspberries

She is pretty smiley. She still loves this mat lots.

and she looks pretty skinny in clothes , but she still has lots of chuck and rolls i LOVE. She has lost some of her hair but still has a good bit.

She has lots of expressions and makes some funny sad faces. She is very hurt by scary noises. Her dad does this to her thinking it's funny and then she burst out in tears and they both feel sad! Fenn liked all that noise and crazy, but sister finds it offensive.

And she is still taking daily probiotic drops. Below is a pic from a day when I forgot to give them to her for a few days. She was not feeling too good and basically cried any time I put her down :( so we still giving drops. Not sure when I will be able to drop those, or if I should. 

Brother amuses himself with her regularly. I left the room and came back to this ! Lucky for me, she enjoys all his company and tricks. She ALWAYS smiles when she sees him or he is talking to her. He is obsessed with her and kisses her 10000000000000 times a day. in fact she never has a good hair day cause he always leaves behind traces of food and drink in her hair.

Juicy little Legs

She loves for people to talk and sing to her , and does not amuse herself for very long on her mat or saucer like her brother did at her age. This girl ain't no wall flower!

She is enjoying rice cereal and oatmeal and about to embark on her baby food journey!

She sleeps from 6:30pm - 5:45 or 8 am just depends on her mood I guess! Naps are still not great. 45 mins long and generally one 1.5 hour nap in the late afternoon.

Wearing 9 months but mostly 12 months because of length or width depending on designer. Her feet are still super tiny and skinny which is funny on her plump little body.

Although I can't get a decent picture, she has the most beautiful blue eyes. I think she will have her Aunt Julie's eyes. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Great Toddler/Preschool App "Letter School"

Today for Tip Tuesday I want to review a really awesome and educational app for Tots and Pre-schoolers called Letter School. 

This was actually recommended by Fenn's occupational therapist a while back as a great app that teaches the correct way to make letters. I saw him using it in her office and I have to admit it was really cool and he was totally into it! 

It has 3 rounds with each letter where you trace and make lines then you are on your on to draw the letter. The picture below is sort of a connect the dots version but it will not let you just randomly connect them,  it only accepts proper letter formation.

It is 2.99 in the app store, fun, engaging  and educational. What more could you ask for in an app?!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday our neighborhood club hosted a Breakfast with Santa and that is the 1st time we have ever done anything like that. It was super fun and funny. I was STARVING so the pancakes were much appreciated! and getting 2 kids to santa without waiting in line in the mall was awesome! They had someone taking pictures for free that they emailed to us I am so thankful! 

This guy here was NOT sure about santa, and would not even eat pancakes because he wanted to play air hockey with the older boys. He kept saying " Hey guys, Fenn's turn!!" HA  Santa played with him and that helped warm him up. 

Sister didn't care 'bout no santa! She barely made a smile . I wish I had worked harder to get her to smile and asked Santa not to cover up her cute Christmas jammers with his hand! LOL She had a nice case of hat head too cause it was Coooolllld here that day!
  Then Fenn decided he didn't like Sister getting all of that attention and jumped on me like a spider monkey but refused to look at the camera!

And then a group shot just to get him to sit near Santa but still , no eye contact with camera. He is getting to that sassy little stage where he he tries to refuse taking pictures. Good luck with that little dude! I will never let him get away with that.

My SIL calls this his " Mean Muggin Santa pic" and its true! Santa was trying to lure him over with a Candy cane ( which is interesting since he doesn't eat candy canes) but It still worked!!

Smiling was a stretch though! ha

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

Time to dress up your tech and get ready for CHRISTMAS!  This site has so many cute Holiday wallpapers for your iPhone~!  Click HERE to check out the original post and see all the FREE designs!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tip Tuesday! How to close apps in iOS7

Taking it back to the old school! Recently someone pointed out to me that I should do more basic iPhone tips, and with the launch of iOs7 many commands have changed anyway, so here we are with our 1st basic tip!

How to close out of apps. First let me tell you that you SHOULD be doing this daily. It will keep your phone running fast and smooth and help preserve battery life.

So how do you do it?

- Double click the home button (round button) and it should pull up a screen like this: 

Those are all your open apps. Take your index finger and swipe each box ( up) toward the top of the phone like you are trying to sling it toward the power button.

 Try to ignore my annoying assistant laughing at me in the background.. I opted against shooting 35 times to get the perfect video because it gets the point across… and there is just no fighting the accent… ha

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and The Iron Bowl!

We drove down to Monroeville, AL for Thanksgiving to see all my family last week and it was SO fun! Peebs got to spend some serious quality time with his cousin Wilburs and it was hilarious. They loved and hated each other at the same time, just like siblings! I also noticed how far my boy has come in his social skills and anger management now that he can really talk. He was very good about talking to Will about his issue rather than bashing him in the head. That is some progress! Will did a great job teaching his cousin ( who he still calls baby Fenn) all about things like driving the gator, climbing up the side of the stairs and drinking through a straw. I LOVED seeing them together, and Fenn was WORN OUT, like begging to go to bed every day! He would then wake up approx 87,000,000 times asking to "wake up" for the day because I think he thought Will was downstairs and he was missing something.

 I call them "Ying & Yang" because Will is so dark and dark haired and Fenn is so white and blonde.
 Bebe was pretty patient with our dog children and even let Ralphie watch Christmas Mickey!

  Dad drove to Pensacola to Joe Patti's and got TONs of Seafood for a cook out at the pasture!  We had fried shrimp, crab claws, oysters, royal reds, raw oysters, and gumbo!  Will and Fenn played so hard and drove the gator lots too. 

 For Thanksgiving Fenn enjoyed Graham crackers. I think that is basically what he ate ALL week we were there. Nonie surprised him with some Ramen Noodles ( his favorite) at the cookout and he was all " Thank you Nonie, Thank you so much!" 10 points for Nonie! CC had a feast for the grown ups that was delish!

 My Bro swinging them. Fenn calls him " UNC" and sometimes "Hunk" ha

and  instead of sitting around our camp fire, we all sat around sister! ha she enjoyed all the attention and took a nice nap in the shed. This girl has been an EXCELLENT traveler and so sweet and happy... and I am SO THANKFUL.

Saturday morning we left Monroeville to watch the Iron Bowl in Birmingham @edwardsedition house because my entire family is bammers except my dad! #dontknowhowthathappened

 Sister was able to nap and go to bed there with all the screaming and all! She also did excellent when we transferred her from Susannah's house to the car to the Latimer House. She was awake the whole way home and I just changed her diaper, clothes and put her in the pack n play and she went right back to sleep without any objection! I was shocked!
Look at all these little people. They cracked me UP! It is so weird to see my kids, with all  my friends kids. I never really pictured that when we were younger and it is so cute!  

And look at this FEAST:

Erik was so nervous about the game that he stayed and played with kids most of the time. I told him before we got there that Auburn was gonna win, I just knew it! Too bad I don't bet! That game was incredible, and it is so weird that I am so into football after all these years!  It was hard to keep all my snark to myself after that game.

And.. I gotta give Susannah props, because it takes a solid woman to allow me to bring my circus of 2 kids and 2 dogs to her party! She was really sweet and patient about it. Latimers too, cause they let us spend the night with all that circus and endured peebs trying to jump on MA's bed and Flossie trying to fight their new pup! Hays even cooked us all breakfast! #greatfriendsforthewin

So It is safe to say that we had an awesome Thanksgiving with our family and with our friends! Waaaarrrrrrrr EAGLE! HEY!

PS. Traveling with 2 dogs and 2 kids ain't no joke!  The kids were not bad, but I feel like 4 passengers is too much for me! I need to find a new dog sitter now. Aunt Julie had to put us down b/c she has her own dog now and Flossie ( or floosie as my bro calls her) is mean to other dogs.

Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday :

Another Friday Brain Dump!

1.) Praise the Lord and Pass the Sleep!  We have had months  of Fenn changing his sleep habits and pretty much nightly either waking up to go to the bathroom, or yelling out like he has nightmares... some nights waking as much as 5 times. Totally sucked! Especially since we had a newborn sleeping through the night!  I finally started charting everything to see if I could find any common factors in the days of good sleep, and as it turns out the game changer was what time we put him to bed! We had been putting him down at 8pm and now we have brought the nap back and put him to bed at 7. On days when he does not nap, we are leaving the room at 7, and on days when he has had a 2 hour nap or so, we start bed routine at 7 but the trick is to make sure he falls asleep BEFORE 8 pm.  Dang it feels good to sleep all night again ! 

2.) I saw on Instagram one of my friends wrapping up her Christmas books and she was gonna let her boys open a different book every night before bed, which I think sound alike so much fun. Currently we have about 6 Christmas books.. ha but I plan to visit McKays Used Book store and remedy that.  Can I have some suggestions for fun Christmas books for kids? Especially any that incorporate Jesus. Over the Big Moon blog did a write up on this with pictures and a list of books! Read that HERE

3.) Are y'all watching Teen Mom? Did you see that finale/reunion? That mess with Devoin is the wildest it's ever been on there! and to find out that Josh was on pain pills explained ALOT! I had no idea but it was wild t
o see the difference in his personality with his head injury/pills and then clean.

 4.) I finally found my burlap fabric ( on ebay) from JoAnne's ( and big Thanks to Michelle who called me from a store she found some in!). I sewed some ribbon around the edge to make it  the Thanksgiving table cloth fro my kids table. LOVED that Everyday Cheer blog did a post with FREE Thanksgiving printables for the kids table this year. Notice that we finally put Fenn at the table now instead of his high chair! ha 

5.) Baked Buffalo Chicken Fingers Recipe! I made this the other night just sort of by chance and its as Good!!

- Chicken 
- Butter or Olive Oil ( depending on how healthy you wanna be)
- Ritz Cracker 
- Buffalo Pretzel Chips

What I did was cut up organic chicken into strips, dredge in olive oil and then roll in smashed up buffalo pretzel chips and bake at 375 for 20 minutes. That way you have a healthier version of wings! BUT if you wanna really go all out you could use butter instead of olive oil and mix some smashed Ritz crackers with the pretzels! Either way it is relish! 

Those smashed up pretzels are also good as a casserole topping!!

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