Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toddler Boy Gift Ideas!

A few of my blog friends did this about what their boys are digging and I really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would do it also for Fenn!

1. Kitchen Helper : One Step Ahead
This thing is amazing for everything from cooking, t o art projects on the kitchen counter, to hand washing. We use it all day, and I regret waiting this long to buy one. Also? It folds flat for storage.

2. Crayola Art Supplies 
I learned the hard way that M&D art stuff does not always come out, and a toddler with art supplies needs the washable aspect like woah! Crayola paints and markers etc wash off without effort! 

3. Melissa & Doug Train Set
A nice wooden train set that comes apart for easy storage in a box when not in use! Fits most trains including Thomas and his pals. My boy enjoys the tunnels and bridges especially.

4. Counting Bears with Cups 
I know this seems so odd and weird, but I swear peebs LOVES these things and so do every other kid that comes to this house! I don't understand it but apparently its an educational toy and enhances all sorts of developmental skills, counting, recognizing colors, sorting, stacking etc. Just trust me.

5. Fireman Truck & Hat 
Another hit with Fenn and his friends! Both were gifts and he has DEF gotten their money's worth! It cracks me up how much he loves wearing this hat around the house.

6. Construction Alphabet Book
boys.machinery and trucks and tractors. Enough said right? This book explains what all those trucks are and what they do.

7. A Tent 
Fenn loves tents these days. We usually drape a blanket over his crib at night like a make shift tent and he loves it! He got a new tent for his ( coming soon) big boy room from his grandparents for Christmas and he is SO in love with it. He goes inside and stomps around while screeching all excited.

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