Monday, December 3, 2012

Food Therapy Update!

Today Fenn had both Speech and Occupational Therapy and it was interesting. Our 1st chat was rather discouraging because she wanted to talk to me about how he knows his alphabet and numbers and things. She said it was unusual for him to know that at his age, know them out of order etc ( and some of you emailed me and told me that as well) and that I should not encourage the fact that he knows all of that right now because it could lead to " Hyper Lexia".

**update** what is unusual is how he knows his alphabet and numbers, not THAT he knows them. They are concerned with his excellent memorization skills and want to make sure that he is coprehending as well as memorizing. This is not an issue for normally developing children, but is related to speech delays so is an issue for my child. Sorry for the confusion!**

So we are to take a break from flash cards, alphabet /number puzzles and all TV and ipad. Don't get me wrong, I am no lover of flash cards or home learning at all for that matter, but the boy loves it, and now I am wondering what the heckle we are gonna do for 14 hours a day?!?  
And, Im not gonna lie, it hurts my feelings that I was secretly proud of his skillz and now I can't be! rah!

In better news, he did eat apple sauce today while he was there. He has never eaten apple sauce.. maybe in his life? Getting him to try something new is pretty huge, and then we bought some and brought it home and he ate it here also so Victory! 

For the past week we have been ( per instructions of therapist) giving him 6 meals a day, with 3 options on the plate each time 2tbsp. servings of each. On the plate 2 of the 3 things are his " approved" foods like fig newtons or Ritz crackers, and the other food is a new thing, like a banana.Step 1 is to never force or pressure any eating or tasting, but rather just tolerating the presence of the new food next to his approved foods.  He did this all week, but never took any bites of the new food. Since tolerance was achieved we consider that success and move on to goal #2.

Goal #2 for this week is to have him take the unwanted food item off the plate, and put it into the " all done bowl" which is the place he is allowed to put stuff he wont eat ( instead of throwing it , feeding it to Ralphie etc) and if I can get him to kiss it bye as he places it in the bowl all the better! That way he has tolerated food and then let it touch his mouth.

Speech Therapy he did well too, with only 2 fits. We talked a lot about different activities and playing that we can do that will encourage language. I will blog details about that as I have them and we do them. He did really well today with asking her for things and using new sign language for " I want to play" and " open this" etc.. 

He seems to enjoy going and runs right in there ready to get started each time, which is a good sign to me! I also really enjoy those ladies who do this because you can tell they are passionate about their jobs and that makes me so happy for him to have therapist who are great at what they do!

In other news, he has been peeing in the potty lately! His daddy taught him. He does not ever ask to go, but if you ask him to go, he will insist on first brushing his teeth, then going. He has a stool in there that he drags around to reach the sink and the toilet. Not sure what this all means, since I know Potty training is a beast but I am proud of him for being able to control it so well. 
His daddy is an excellent teacher, Thank GOD, because I am not! 

so that is all for now! Stay tuned for next week!

** New foods tries this week : Salami, Pasta with Marsala sauce, apple sauce.***


Marion said...

Don't a lot of two year olds know their letters and numbers?!? C does bc he learns at MDO. Glad he is doing well at his therapy. The pic with the salami is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Go Fenners!!!

If you want to learn more signs to use with him, FaceTime me and I'll show you some signs to string into sentences!

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