Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Decorations, Family news and such...

This is what I aspire to! I love Christmas lights outdoors because I think it is really fun and festive. If only I had 3 grand to blow on blow up Christmas creatures!

We made some salt dough ornaments with the rest of the blogosphere! I plan to let the kids paint them on Christmas Eve ( we are having family over for dinner and Christmas Movies that night). I had big dreams of making handprint santa ornaments but this boy of mine was having N.O.N.E. of it. It was ridiculous really.

My Sister in Law Juliel got ENGAGED Monday night at our Monday Night Football Tailgate. Richard ( like a good southern gent) called her bro's for permission and this husband of mine DIDNT TELL ME!  Everyone knew what was going down except me and Julie and I was blown away by the surprise of it. It was actually really fun. Her ring is GORGEOUS.
These 2 cutie cousins could be twins sometimes, except for the fact that peebs is still about twice Chloe's size! ha I love my boys new "cheese" face.
and here I thought he was just making a mimosa....
We also went for Fenn's 1st real hair cut ( raging disaster. Erik was begging me to abort the mission but I said NO because I didn't want to give any positive reinforcement to  those antics). She cut his hair as he screamed and swatted at her while I did my best to hold him down. She actually did a pretty decent job too.

Then it was time for Santa pic. The picture is HILARIOUS. He is not screaming because he is scared of Santa, he is screaming because HOW DARE WE MAKE HIM SIT WHEN HE WANTS TO RUN LAPS AROUND THE CHAIR! 
I bet the internets are tired of seeing those Christmas pajamas. I swear I wash them every other day, but dang! they were expensive so I gotta get my $ worth!  I LOVE Hannah Andersson Pajamas, and they are worth every penny, but shoooweee! She is proud of those things.
Here is a look at his past Santa pics. I frame them every year and its so fun to go back and look!

And here are some Christmas Decoration Pictures. I am still trying to figure out how to decorate our new house!
We can NOT find our Christmas Card Holder anywhere, so I went with an old trick from Ree Smith ( I used to babysit for her) and put them all over the fridge, AND I have to say I love  it. I love being able to see all the cards so easily and its fun and festive in the kitchen now!
 Dining Room Table. I can not finda  good center piece anywhere.
 Buffet Glitter:
 Framed Christmas cards from all the years. I have always wanted some built ins to decorate like this!

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I am no photographer and it was like 6am when I took these.

** If you guys don't have our new address please holla! We missing some Christmas cards this year!**

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Meliha said...

Wow Peebs sure does NOT like Santa. ;0

Nice always go all out for the holidays! And you sure do get a lot of cards! :)

Happy holidays


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