Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas at Grizawood this year, and didn't do any traveling. Christmas Eve we had family over for some food and presents and it was a lot of fun. Fenn loves his cousin Nicholas cause they can play rough and tough together and he doesn't get in trouble!  They were in there eyeing cupcakes in this picture!

 He loved unwrapping more than anything !
 Cousin Chloe opening her goods!
 Fenn getting his boy " Hometown Heroes" playhouse from Aunt JuJee and Rico. 
 I had this very picturesque moment in my head of the littles painting salt dough ornaments.. and It was def prettier in my head but they had fun so that is all that matters. 
 My rebel son was the only one who didnt follow the rules and decided to paint his body... with craft paint. grrr..
 and Christmas morning he was busy at it again with his new Easel from Uncle Bro & Aunt Shauna. He was so excited about painting that he danced in between strokes. you can see him mid jig here. #wepaintnekkid
Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

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