Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bumpdate! 12 weeks

** I am super scromply in this pic, sorry but keepin it real, I was/am too tired to care.**

It was kind of random the way the word got out about this pregnancy, but our intention was to wait until 12 weeks and let everyone get it on their Christmas card, and for the most part that worked out. No offense to anyone, and I am certainly no secret keeper, but I thought perhaps pregnancy would go by faster if the first 12 weeks were unknown AND? I think it was a good theory because I keep even forgetting I am pregnant! It certainly has flown by so far.

What is very strange is that this pregnancy is SO different from my 1st with Peebs. 
- I had several pregnancy test come back negative even though I knew I was pregnant ( because I felt different)
- I have been plagued with morning sickness that starts about 9am and lasts all day. Terribleness. I have never show proper sympathy to all you ladies out there who have suffered from this in the past.
- I am certainly showing sooner, which I think is pretty common.
- I want to eat meat, all the time. Which is crazy because I think meat is bad for me and I ate it maybe 3 times a week before and rarely red meat but now I want hamburgers, and sausage and bacon and McGriddles and steak several times a day. gross.
- I don't crave sweets much. I can still eat them of coarse but there is no longing for chocolate or oreos etc. It's more of a salty savory type craving this time.

I started wearing some maternity shirts around 9 weeks. 9 weeks is when I feel like things kinda popped out. I am still in normal jeans or stretch pants but that has to stop pretty soon. It is def. not comfortable.
Last pregnancy I gained about 70 lbs I think. ( wowsa) and I wonder how it will be this time around, especially since I do not have the luxury or time to sleep and eat as much as last time.  

Weight Gained : 3-4 lbs. Kinda fluctuates so hard to say exact.
Waist grown: about 3"


One of my 1st goals with this pregnancy was to be less irritable/miserable /complaining and I think I have done pretty good with that and keeping the hormones in check. In general ( so far) I feel like this pregnancy has been easier than  my 1st, especially mentally.

- Transition Peebs to a big boy room and a big boy bed before May. ( that's a doozy)
- Clean out the junk guest room and start on his big boy room ( after Christmas)
- Have Fenn eating and communicating better

Big Brother:
Has no idea what any of this means but he does pat my belly and say baby and such. He also does that to Erik's belly now so... 
He has a VERY hard time sharing and doesn't like for me to show attention to other children so I must work on this a lot over the next few months!


Marilyn Bell said...

You look cute!

I'm telling you the red meat I was eating made my babies bigger. I ate the most red meat with Coco and you know how that turned out. Either spend a little more to get the fresh from the farm stuff at the butcher shop or the farmers market or spend more upfront but less per lb in the long run and buy a cow. Well, I bought a half a cow. You can even come and get some from my freezer. I have more ground beef then I know what to do with.

I am telling you the growth hormones they pump into the cattle that ends up in Kroger is what made Coco gigantasaurus rex.

Susannah said...

You are BEAUTIFUL period, end of story! I am so thrilled for you to experience a second child-it is mind blowing! Let your cravings do whatever-your body will tell you what you need. I have absolute faith you will get all of your goals accomplished before baby comes!

AWD said...

I'm pregnant with my second and due in May too! My daughter turned 2 in August and we just got her in a toddler bed - what worked for her was just not making it a big deal. We just took down the crib one day and put her in her new bed with all her same lovies and pillows and blankets. She said "uhoh my bed my bed! find my bed!" and we just made a huge deal over her new bed. It also helps that I'm laid back about naps and bedtime...she is allowed to get out and play until she's read to go to sleep (she also can't open her door.) Congrats to you! It's nice to read posts of people going through similar things:-)

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